Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report

Sorry this is a bit late. I was as sick as a dog last night, and the lovely curry I managed to consume earlier in the evening did not reside long within, and therefore I spent most of the evening hugging the toilet, not doing anything DBish. Sorry. :P

1: The GJW is still slightly delayed. I'm just waiting on a few things before I get CG to code up the website for it, but with any luck the basic ground work should be ready shortly, and I'm assured that all elements should definitely be in my inbox before the middle of February, so the War will not be far off!

2: DGM Top Secret Projects are progressing nicely, and proceeding pretty much as planned. It's unlikely that any of them will kick in prior to the GJW, as that's the main focal point at the moment, and I'd rather not confuse issues too much.

3: As a reward for all the fabulously hard work my Praetor has put in over the last couple of months, and especially for putting up with me whilst doing it, and to a large extent ensuring that most of my projects are running as well as they are, I've promoted him to Krath Epis. Well done, Sithie. :)

4: Also, a trifle late, I remembered that I was passed a recommendation not so long ago for a promotion for SBM Predator, for his longstanding contributions to Taldryan. And cause I'm feeling generous I figured I'd go ahead and do it. So congratulations also to SB*L* Predator.

5: The Dark Jedi Games results have not been finalised yet. There are some queries over certain events which have not been adequately cleared up yet. We expect this to be resolved this week, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the final results on it.

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