Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

Since I don't live in EST, my report is still on about 5 mins :P So, without further ado, here it is.

1) GJW Update

  • The JK1 levels are all almost finished. The 3rd level will be done by this weekend.

  • The JK2 levels, however, are not as finished. I've been working day and night on these levels and have close to 2 complete levels. (3 in all) So hopefully I can get these done soon and no keep holding up the GJW.

PS: If you are a JK2 mapper: never, ever try to do SP :P

2) GMRG News

  • INI's who haven't been tested and promoted to Crusader by the end of the week, get removed. We lost two INI's this week, and probably a few more next week.

    • Challenges are going well (when people do em) And I must remind people to use the GMRG site for all challenging for CRU and up.
    • The GMRG ladders are still being worked on. And if he hasn't all of a sudden changed his mind...I'm sure Sharad will have them done soon.
    • I've been talking to the HF PRG commanders, and we'll be setting up a feud between them as soon as they can get organized.

3) PRG/GMRGers

If you are a member of both the PRG and the GMRG you must email me and the PRG leader (Cypher), and choose which group you will stay with.

Be advised that if you're more of an HFer then DBer, I will suggest you go to the PRG. Regardless of where you choose to stay.

4) Online Gaming Leagues

After an initial few weeks using these online leagues, I have started to have doubts as to whether or not we will continue to use them with the entire GMRG.

Aside from the lack of rules and courtesy used in these matches, EH skills do NOT come close to those who play the game religiously (they'll mock us cuz we're in the EH, but they'll play the came 24/7 :P)

Note: If you have any concerns with this, please feel free to email me.

5) Circle News

Circle leaders, I want to start seeing those bi-weekly reports from you. I also want to start seeing some inner-circle competitions, and circle vs circle comps.

Since there is no more force/weapon-based teams, we can do a lot more inter-feuding....Perhaps Circle vs Circle CTF, or TFFA?

I'll be talking to Preceptors soon, and if the general membership wants any input on this, email me.

That's all for this week in the GMRG. Continue kicking ass, and thank god for weekends!!


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