Herald Report


Herald Report

A few major things to report.

1 - My hands are killing me. I was breaking up 4-inch thick ice at work all day Thursday. I feel I have done some minor damage to my hands and arms. It's not incredibly bad to type, but overall they hurt. A lot.

Because of this my corrospondance may be slower than usual.


  1. Custom Saber Guide: DONE. See it on the HRLD site.

  2. Custom Saber Gallery: Updated. New format, mostly complete. Again, HRLD site.

  3. Confused about this mythological HRLD site? Check my dossier - #5.

  4. GoA's. Here's last week's list:


66 Chaose

131 Hades

1501 Kir Kanos

2719 Big Daddy


188 Xanos Zorrixor

389 Rexal Qel

984 Max

1228 Coranel Both

1537 Aeishline Strathaven

1708 Knight Camile

<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0"><tr><td></td><td>Dark Jedi Master Kaine Archon Mandaala
Herald of the Dark Brotherhood

"Fear will keep order"</td></tr></table>

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