Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


JH Blade(Krath) TET/Ektrosis of Taldryan

Tetrarch’s Words-

Not much to report this week everybody. The one bit of news that has a direct effect on us right now is that Reaper has left the phyle for the Sith. I will miss you Reaper, One of my original Horsemen, the door is always open for you to return to us.

The Great Jedi War is coming soon, be ready for it. As a practice, I am running a couple of Comps beginning in Feb, a short story comp and a new motto comp. Both are approved and Medals will be awarded accordingly.


Requesting Member: KP MacDougall (Krath)

Order changed to: Sith

As a result of your order change, you have been transfered

Transfered from :House Ektrosis

Transfered to: House Archanis


New Motto Comp Feb 2-9 Medal awarded will be a Crescent with Emerald

Short Story Comp Feb 1-14 Medals for first and second. CR with Emerald for first and CR with Topaz for second.


Just got here. More next week


None that I am aware of. Hopefully Next week.

That is all for this week,

Respectfully Serving,

JH Blade (Krath)/TET/Ektrosis of Taldryan



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