Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Kirleta Report.



Battlelord Azazel Djo'Tarr


Greetings my Friends...

We all wait with baited breath for the final start date of the Great Jedi War. Each of you should be now thinking seriously about training for this comp. There's nothing like someone who is prepared to do a task to the fullest of his/her ability. I have given DJK Reza the task of setting up a new form of training (based on a idea i had months ago), only this time i want to see this get off the ground! Thing is people, we all need to train, and DJK Reza will be more than happy to help you guys become profecient killers at JO. Even training against bots with the Jedi Master level is something to help you practise some moves that you may have learned with Reza. It all helps you in the end. I will talk more about the comp later in the news and outline some details on the comp. But i shall leave most of the details out until it is approved by the DGM.

There has been some slight changes to the chain of command in the House also. OBM Waza has ran into some problems, i shall also be covering this unfortunate story in the news section also. As our Clan leader, CON Drako is trying to spur the members of CSK into battle readiness for the GJW. I will continue along these lines with you guys until i see results that satisfy my thirst for domination........doh! Did i say Domination? I meant victory.....lol........silly me :P But i think you guys get the message. It would be great to see House Kirleta restored to its former glory when i was a Trooper in the House all those years ago when Kirleta was a name to feared in comps and respected!! Our time shall come again people....that much i promise! But we must work as a team, a tight unit, to acheive this goal. No single person can win this title back for us. It's all or none at all......the choice is yours!

Enough of my infernal babble....i got plants to water.........onto the news now with Trevor MacDonald.........(no he's not really writing the report....i am) ;))

House News!

For all your latest News and reviews, please visit: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/news.asp

For any up to date Clan news, please visit: http://csk.minos.net/

  1. AED has a tragic accident! - At the weekend OBM Waza's PC decided to enter its Non-Co-operation phase by having a burn out. This has left Waza without a PC for the time being, unless he can use a friends PC to keep in touch with us, he has requested to go on leave until he can sort out some claims with his insurance company. Here at House Kirleta we wish him all the best and hope that his insurance company gives him the money so he can get a new PC soon.

  2. Acting AED - Until OBM Waza can return to active duty, i have taken the liberty of placing a Acting AED into OBM Waza's shoes to help me with the burden of running a Obelisk House. DJK Reza is now the Acting AED, and so the chain of command does'nt have to miss a step. Reza will be helping me with any medal rec's, promotions, comps and reporting.

N.B. Rez - You can do a AED report next week as you've kinda been thrusted into the position ;) Learn from my reports m8! ;))

So if you see him in the channel, remember that he is still the SGT of Vashino, but he is also the acting AED until Waza can return to active duty. Well done Reza ;)

  1. New Kirleta Training comp coming soon!! - Yes thats right folks! I have charged DJK Reza with putting together and organising a training competition to run for 1 month as a testing platform. The details are being passed between myself and Reza until we can finaly get the plans looking to how we want them to be. The comp will be called (i think, unless Reza has a better name) '1 in 10 comp', i know folks.....the name just came to me, i was thinking of a Foo Fighters song when i wrote it, it just flew out of my fingers :P Here are some rules for you to look over -

i). Platform will be JO or JK1. Check with opponent.

ii). CF's shall be awarded for kills won in Duels ONLY! I want to get everyone used to dueling 1 to 1, and introduce discipline and etiquette into the House for Dueling comps. Other Houses may have none, but this House will.....like the Samurai, i want you all to be Polite and Honourable, but lethal in Duels!!

iii). These training nights will be controled by DJK Reza, each week the lesson will change to something else. Schedule for each week will look like this -

30 mins - Combat training.

30 mins - 1 to 1 dueling ( you may face Rez if you want).

After the intial first hour is over you might want to have more duels, but i don't want the comp to run over 2 hrs! So 120 mins (2 hrs) max please people. Otherwise you might earn far too many CF's...lol.

iv). Remember people - If your not dueling, then please patiently wait for your turn. We could have a 'Winner stays on' kinda set up, or perhaps dueling in pairs so to let everyone have a chance to face everyone else. This is something we'll have to sort out soon.

v). I have thought about allowing members of the Clan a chance to come to the training nights and join in. The only thing is, that when this comp starts it is soley for the members of this House. If it gets popular and DJK Reza wants to, we can allow CSK members the chance to train also and win some CF's. This is just a 'up in the air' idea, we'll see how popular this comp becomes.

vi). If the numbers and interest of this comp is sufficient to warrant another run, it could be set up to run every month for a month, with the overall top 3 competators being awarded the following -

1st place - Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)

2nd place - Emerald Star (Cr-1E)

3rd place - Topaz Star (Cr-1T)

Please note - These medals are yet to be approved as is the comp! But participation in this comp all goes towards your activity and another bonus medal from me, and more than likely a promotion also. So its something you will want to strongly consider taking part in. I have given you all another chance to earn more medals and promotions. It is now up to you people to decide what you want out of the Dark Brotherhood..........do you want to sit and be AWOLED? Or do you want to become a future QUA/AED or even the future OHC? The choice is yours....but i am here to give you guys the opportunity to climb the ladder. And i'm behind you guys 100% all the way. Show some signs of life and an interest to excel in combat in mp and i shall rest thine hand of redemption upon thy shoulders........and shower thee with gifts! :D

  1. Former Kirletian has a Car accident!! - DJH Gryphon Garou was involved in car accident (at the weekend i think), and is in hospital with serious back injuries. His contact at the moment is very limited indeed, but here at House Kirleta, his first home in this Clan, we'd like to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and good health :D

  2. A mod for fun - A few weeks ago i spoke to Reza about a cool and groovy mod i decided to get to make JO gaming that much more fun. Now this one you people have gotta try!! Trust me.....saber dueling will never be the same again..........

now imagine Boba or Jango Fett.........then imagine Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader.........think lightsaber........large pit.......flying shoe boxes.....DOH! Forget the shoe boxes......hard to reach areas i meant :P Now go back to Boba and Jango.......what have you come to? And don't say cheap Fett shoes in a snazzy shoe box or i'll slice yer gizzerds! >:} This is what you should've come to.....unless my clues really do suck :P

THE JETPACK MOD!! - This mod is a hoot to play with and add's a bit more fun to the game. It also opens a new avenue of saber dueling that i want indulge in and exploit. And thats AIRBOURNE COMBAT! Just think about it for a moment.........flying/hovering around trying to beat eachother senseless with light sabers in mid air..........whilst trying not to fly into something........it'll be a laugh! I have also found the perfect level in which to use this mod. Here the links if you guys are up for a challenge or even just to have some fun:-

Jetpack Demo (just follow the instructions in the readme file...easy) - http://www.jediknightii.net/files/index.php?link=file&id=870

IRG Courescant MapPack (great level for this mod....plenty of flying space and platforms to land on!!) -


Let me know when some of you have these and we'll have a test on my server or something like that ;))

  1. CSK mini Comps - There are some mini comps being ran by DA Arania, if you can take the time to compete in one of them, then please do so! There is a link for the comp site, please ask GRD Aishea for any details on this site :)

House Activity.


None this week :( (Soon hopefully)


NONE :`(


Dark BrotherHood Leadership Course - GRD Aishea (exellent work!)


None.....phew :P

The Wonder of me......

Well....looks like a plan is forming ahead of the GJW for the House......now all we gotta hope for is that this comp gets approved and somehow i can put some fire in your bellies and stir some serious butt kicking action out of you!! My sanity depends on it! We have the talent....we have good numbers as a House...infact the House is keeping stable on the starboard bow at a very respectable 19 members! This is good to see :) Now all we need to do is get more communication from the house......lets get physical........i mean.....verbal :) Idea's.........questions.........offers (money in Imperial Credits only...don't make me mind trick your hide), fiction....or am i the only one who does fiction?

If any of you write some fiction, then please send it to me! If its not too long i will put it into the weekly report to add a bit more diversity instead of you people having to read my babble and ramblings, just like the WoodPecker advert here in the UK, it will add a 'Refreshing change' to the normal stuff :)

And now for something completely different........a man in a big blue hat.....and beard.....

Everything I've ever Learned.

...I've Learned from Star Wars.

  1. Never trust men in dark helmets.

  2. It really isn't necessary to be fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.

  3. When all else fails....jump!

  4. Before kissing ANYBODY, make sure they're not related to you.

  5. Sometimes, you've just gotta do something that seems totally suicidal.

  6. If you are a young hero, nothing can kill you.

  7. Always check the background of people you want to get intimately involved with, they may be your relatives.

  8. You may have family members in surprisingly high positions.

  9. Before you kill someone make sure they aren't your father.

9a. ...and be sure to teach your children proper English.

  1. Watch out for Corellian freighters diving out of the sun.

  2. Know the difference between power socket and a computer terminal.

  3. THIS one goes there, and THAT one goes there!

  4. No matter how tasty that hunk of meat looks on that pole on that forest moon, don't grab it; it's probably a trap. (Or: when you see a piece of dead meat impaled on a stake in the woods, LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!)

  5. Cute, cuddly, widdle teddy bears usually will eat you alive unless you can prove you're a god.

  6. Never stand on a trapdoor leading to a Rancor pit.

  7. No disintegrations.

  8. Fire on a rebel base before they blow up your space station.

  9. Don't assume a senior citizen is weak and frail; they may zap you with lightning bolts.

  10. Never, never, never underestimate the power of the Dark Side.

  11. You will find many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

  12. No matter how deeply one falls into darkness, there is always hope for redemption.

  13. Just when you think there is no more hope, alas, there is one more.

  14. Never judge a "piece of junk" spaceship from the outside. More often than not, "she's got it where it counts."

  15. Beware of judging someone else's beliefs as just a "hokey religion." You just may end up eating those words.

  16. Never buy anything from a short, hooded, smelly guy.

  17. It's never my fault.

  18. Never judge anything by its size.

  19. There are those who are less forgiving than Darth Vader.

  20. It's not a lie, it's just someone else's point of view.

Alllllllll righty then my Dark ones........thats enough from me for this week, so until next time........don't phone its just for fun, leave all money donations to me outside my quaters in a nice envelope and i'll get back to you, remember to wash behind your ears and where the sun don't shine........also......Stay Sharp.........Stay hungry.....and if you do happen to see a man in a big blue hat & beard consult your Doctor without hesitation ;))


Respectfully Submitted.

In Loyal Servitude of Clan Satel Keto.

ENV/VA Azazel Djo'Tarr/DREAD Tranquility.

SSx4/BSx3/PCx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR/LoC-PSx22/COL/CoB/OV-2E [LGNR] {IWATS- AIM-CBX-M/1/2-RT-SM/2/3-TT-XTT} ( Sith Infiltrator -"Sabertooth" | Callsign - "Wolverine" )

OBL Azazel Djo'Tarr (Obelisk)/QUA/Kirleta of Satal Keto,


GG/HNR Azazel Djo'Tarr/Alpha-Phare-Frigg.(MoPx5)(MoS-SR)(MoSc-2) {CDGI-Core-PC-PL-FR}

"Regere Sanguine Regere In Veritatem Est."

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