Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

This week has been primarily an administrative week for the Office of the Sith High Warrior here are some current events.

1) Competitions: Well I am weary to start a new Sith Order Competition with the Great Jedi War coming up. I have received several new internal competitions applying for Industrial Points, something I'm very pleased about. I'm also very pleased to see House's having ongoing competitions that gain even more activity in already active Houses. All Houses and Squadrons can be awarded Industrial Points for competitions even if its just a training exercise and it goes along with the ideals of the Sith I.E. Flight Competitions.

2) Courses: Unfortunately I haven't had the time to complete the new courses that I wished to have ready for the Headmaster. I'm hoping my schedule will free up enough time to work on them. Of course writing of Shadow Academy Courses is not restricted to my Office, anyone who has a good idea about a Sith Course should email the Headmaster and myself for approval of the idea and if you wish to write the course it could be fruitful for you.

3) Multiplayer: I know many of you have come to me stating that you can not play multiplayer because of access restrictions, however this is a minority. Most of you have the ability but I understand the apprehension to direct competition. I personally was always better at Single Player than Multiplayer, still am in fact. However I believe if you try it out a little more you'll realize how fun it can be. As for connection problems at home I use 56k AOL and I still managed to win a few matches here and there. This will also be good training for upcoming Multiplayer Leagues.

4) House Evaluations: This week I conducted my evaluations of the Sith House Summits, Battleteams Leaders, and the general activity of all Sith Houses. This was done for the knowledge of the Grand Master and the Deputy Grand Master. Hopefully this will give us a better plan of attack to help areas that have fallen below par. Please do not ask for evaluations of your House or Others because you won't receive them from me.

5) IRC Conduct: This week also brought to my attention several problems in multiple Houses/Clans concerning Clan Channels. This may sound hypocritical coming from me but it does need to be stated. Code of Conduct and AoW laws do come into effect in those channels. Personally I don't care what people talk about however you do need to be respectful of other members. When members come to me asking to try and oversee Clan Channels because of offensive conversations, well that's bad. Consuls and Proconsuls, it is your responsibility to abide by such codes. Many I don't personally agree with but that is not negotiable, just keep it clean at least when people you know are offended by these actions are around.

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord
FM/COL Hades/Tau 1-4/MC Tripidium, SBL (Sith)/SHW/Dark CouncilĀ 

Is that members asking you to watch over their own clan channels, or other peoples clan channels?

Pretty sure it's just #arcona, shadow :P

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