Obelisk Battlelord Mage Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

OBL Mage (Obelisk)/HM/Dark...

' name='description'> Headmaster Report - Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report


<p align="left">Unbelievable... this is report number 16. That officially means I've been your [insert appropriate adjective here :P] Headmaster for FOUR MONTHS!

<p align="left">[Bows]

<p align="left">Obelisk Battlelord Mage

Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

<p align="left">OBL Mage (Obelisk)/HM/Dark Council [GMRG: CRU]




<p align="left">[ SA Site ]

<p align="left">Bwahaha! Aha, ha, ha! Muahaha!

<p align="left">(For those of you in the crowd who are slow, that translates roughly to, "I got my part done, now CG and co. get to code fun things in!")

<p align="left">[ Combat Academy ]

<p align="left">See the list in all its glory at:


<p align="left">[ Design the SA Building Competition ]

<p align="left">I've received a total of two submissions to this so far. Interesting fact, though... when I made that cute news post about lengthening it a week, I immediately had people crawling all over me on IRC for details. Why give 'em a month when they'll do it in a week? :P

<p align="left">The deadline is now February 6th. My plan is to award all entries, but we'll see what the DGM and the CHAN think of that.

<p align="left">Remember - you can only enter a fictional or a graphical entry, not both. Members may design in teams of up to two. A graphical entry is permitted to have a short descriptive paragraph for explanations and support.

<p align="left">The current awards look like this:

Crescent with Diamond Star for first place in graphical or fictional

Crescent with Ruby Star for second place in graphical or fictional

Crescent with Amethyst Star for third place in graphical or fictional

<p align="left">If enough entries come in to clear those numbers, I will try and convince the powers that be to allow me further Crescents down the line.

<p align="left">[ Grad Counts ]

<p align="left">Check 'em out:


<p align="left">Three courses (Leadership Studies, Obelisk Core, and Krath Grammar Exams) reached their 100th graduate under me - just recently, too. Help the others acheive the same! :P

<p align="left">There may be awards for the success of these courses - I've emailed the Chancellor in regards to it.

<p align="left">[ Projects ]

<p align="left">The list grows less intense, but still impressive!

<p align="left">SA Site - Information done, coding underway

New Phase One Exam - Done and approved (I think...)

New Phase Two Sith Battles - XvT finished, XWA on hold, TIE to be attempted (keyword - attempted :P) this weekend.

Combat Academy - Class attendance has been fairly poor to date. Show up, people! Magistrates Dagger and freshjive will be given a swift boot to generate some interest in these classes. >:)

Envoys - Changes have been approved, details mostly worked out. Now awaiting some database work.

<p align="left">On the whole, a very good week. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I'm avidly seeking them...

<p align="left">Signed and Sealed,

<p align="left">**_Obelisk Battlelord Mage

Headmaster of the Shadow Academy_**</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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