Aedile Report


Aedile Report


I hereby submit the second Aedile report for House Galthain on January 31st.

Alright! Another week as Aedile of House Galthain! Yay…I got a DC for my pilot efforts! Well, that’s something.


-Alright, Round Robin, Round 3 is on! Go to it! Details below. Congrats to Delphian Squardon, the winners of Round 2! Special congrats go to SW Blade Kilraven, SBL Ricardo, and JH TK-2107 for winning their Crescents.

-One new open challenge has been called this week: one between SBL Pyralis and SW Akul Sinatek! Details below.

-MP wise Monday is definitely looking like a good day to fly. I’m still not sure what times would be best for everyone, however this coming Monday, 4:00-6:00, I will be in #csk, willing to fly against anyone who’s up for an XWA MP match. If anyone else shows up, I will probably stop flying as much and turn into an administrator sort of official, assigning Galthain members and anyone else who shows up to fly comps and take their scores. Who knows, if this becomes really popular we might be able to make an official set date for Galthain MP flying.




Hello Galthain, JH Hawker here. I will now present to you Round 3 for the Round Robin Competition.

Thus far, Delphian Squadron has performed superbly, managing to win in both the 1st and 2nd rounds. They have had a high participation rate and have had good scores in their pilot files. They stand poised to win this 3rd round, anticipating their 3 for 3 victory and triumph over the other battleteams. Will they be the winners? Perhaps.

Ghostrider Squadron revealed an incredible display of skill in the 2nd round, earning just 4 points less than Delphian while having half of its members participate. There is no doubt that they have some of the best pilots we’ve ever seen. They are a new battleteam in Galthain, but there is no doubt that they are far from being inexperienced pilots. Will they be the winners? Maybe.

Domi’s Disciples of Death has done decently so far and has not won any rounds yet. Performance has not been as great as that of the other battleteams, nor have the scores…but does that mean that they cannot perform that well? They might be hiding something, tricking the other battleteams into thinking that they won’t have difficult competition, and thus underestimate the power, skill and abilities of this battleteam. Will they be the winners? Possibly.

In this third and final round, the ability of the battleteam members to function individually will be tested. In addition, the ability of the battleteams to function as a group will also be tested. You will all have to work together to win this final round. Although some of you may think that you are the best pilots ever to exist, there is no “I” in “Team”.

Now, for the details of the competition. As before, you will all be flying missions. As before, Pyralis and I will compare your scores with the mission high scores and give out points based on the percentage your score is of the high score. However, this time all of the battleteams will not be allowed to choose their missions. Nor will you even fly the same mission as any other member of your battleteam. Members of other battleteams will be flying the same missions as you. Some of you may be flying missions that no one else is. If this is true for you, then you do not have to worry about others getting higher scores. At the same time, you must be skilled enough not to get too low a score.

Here are the mission assignments:

Domi’s Disciples of Death:

SW Dark Hawk: XWA-FREE 47

PRT Darknyte: TIE-FREE 178

PRT Ashmaster: XvT-FREE 65

DJK Vessicant: TIE-FREE 161

GRD Josh Popelka: XWA-FREE 76

ACO Autoris Maximus: TIE-FREE 130

Delphian Squadron

GRD Delak: TIE-FREE 178

JH TK-2107: XWA-FREE 47

SW Blade Kilraven: TIE-FREE 161

SBL Ricardo: TIE-FREE 130

SW Akul Sinatek: XvT-FREE 65

PRT Luke Morin: XWA-FREE 76

JH Cray Mikalen: XWA-FREE 35

GRD rebelkiller: TIE-FREE 71

Ghostrider Squadron

JH Big Daddy: XWA-FREE 76

DA Reinthaler: XWA-FREE 47

ACO Sloth: XWA-FREE 35

SW Mell Kerrigan: TIE-FREE 178

PRT Xura Verr: XvT-FREE 65

Here are the urls for the missions:


XWA-FREE 47: (Requires MC90 Patch from the SCO site)



XvT-FREE 65:




Here are the current high scores for each mission:

TIE-FREE 178: 18,388

XWA-FREE 47: 12,105

TIE-FREE 161: 138,217

TIE-FREE 130: 500,940

XvT-FREE 65: 59,700

XWA-FREE 76: 69,373

XWA-FREE 35: 15,660

TIE-FREE 71: 55,529

As before, you will be awarded points based on the percentage of the high score you achieve in flying the mission. Getting higher than 15% of the high score will earn you points, while getting below 15% of the score will not. You earn 1 point for getting between 15-30% of the high score, 2 points for 30-45%, 3 for 45-60%, and so on. Beating the high score will get you 8 points.

You all can give each other hints and tips about the missions if you choose and do whatever else is necessary to complete your mission, but each person must only submit the mission assigned to them. You have about a week to complete these missions; that should be more than enough time to get a decent score on your mission. Pyralis and I will also fly missions…we shall both fly TIE-FREE 71 since GRD rebelkiller is not competing against any other battleteam member. Pyralis, if you wish to extend the end date of the competition, do so.

As before, the squadron with the most points at the end of this competition will be the winner of Round 3. Pilots with the highest percentages in each squadron will receive medals.

Cr-1S – Pilot in the winning squadron with the highest score percentage

Cr-1E – Pilot in the winning squadron with the second highest score percentage

Cr-1T – Pilot in the winning squadron with the third highest score percentage

In addition, the squadron that wins will be named “The Quaestor’s Guard”, a title which will last until another squadron challenges the winning squadron for it or unless the house leadership decides that the title must be re-decided through more challenges.

All submissions will be due by next Friday, February 7th at midnight. You should send your pilot files ZIPPED to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), Pyralis ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and your Sith CMDR.

Go to it, everyone!


I believe that DJK Vessicant was going to challenge SW DarkHawk, but that has not happened yet…maybe later.

SBL Pyralis beat GRD Draco Caanis in their duel. While Pyralis’ score wasn’t the greatest, Draco did not submit a pilot file.

GRD Delak challenged SBL Pyralis to a duel. They are to fly XvT-FREE 11 by next Sunday.

SW Blade Kilraven also put out a challenge to anyone who's willing to fly a TIE battle. OBL Mage said he would be willing to take up the challenge, but needs to conclude a match with SW Mell Kerrigan. Mell agreed that he and OBL Mage would fly a TIE battle instead of a XWA battle...I guess when Mell gets back he'll name a battle for them to fly.

SBL Pyralis and SW Akul Sinatek are also supposed to be having a challenge going! I don’t remember if I laid out the details already, but if not, here they are: You both are to fly XvT-FREE 25 by next Friday, midnight! Get to it!


Galthain will have it’s first MP event this coming Monday, 4-6 P.M. I’m not sure how the hours will work for everyone, but we’ll start with that and adjust them to suit everyone’s needs.

The “Worth it?!” CSK Competition is still going, but there weren’t any matches flown this week or changes in standing as far as I can tell. Still, it’s definitely ‘worth it’ to join, ehehehe…yeah, bad joke L.

Here are the rules you must follow for the ladder and the instructions for how to sign up (as taken from the instructions and rules Pyralis wrote):

1) You can fly a maximum of 5 matches against another person. This will allow one of the two opponents to get a maximum of 3 wins.

2) You cannot have more than 3 wins against a specific opponent.

3) The only matches you can post for the ladder are 1v1 matches.

To join the Worth It?! Ladder:

1) Go to:

2) Click on “Worth It?! clan competition, Sith Ladder”

3) Click on “Sign up for this Ladder”

4) Enter your DB PIN in the designated box.

5) After you read the Ladder rules, check the box to agree to those rules.

6) Click on “Sign up!”

You will now be added to the ladder.

To report a match:

1) Login to the database with your DB PIN and the password you use for the DB database.

2) Go to: (The “Report Match” section)

3) Select the “Worth It?! Clan competition, Sith Ladder

4) Enter the number of players as “2”.

5) Enter your PIN # in the box next to “PIN #1” and the score you received for the match in the box next to “Score #1”.

6) Enter your opponent’s PIN # in the box next to “PIN #2” and the score they received for the match in the box next to “Score #2”.

7) Check to make sure that all of the information is correct, then click “Report Match”.

Multiplayer flying is very challenging and may require a lot more skill than single player flying, but it is a lot of fun.


Getting back to college this week hasn’t been what I thought it would be. It’s tough having to do work all over again. I’m still adjusting to the work load (which is why I haven’t been around as much), but hopefully I’ll deal with it soon enough.

JH Hawker (Sith)/AED/Galthain of Satal Keto




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