Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Oh my god, a Friday report. I must be slackin'...

I'm adding yet another feature to my report...a summery section. Hey I'm human, and I know you are as well. Must of you anyways. I know most people don't read everything that comes through in weekly reports but I do tend to address important issues.

So, I will have a short list summarizing my report so you can look over and read any important parts without diving into the whole thing. Next report will have a much shorter intro then this, I promise. ;)


1) Medal recognition! Keep your eyes open and award those who deserve it.

2) Kill the KHP contest half over! Due date is Feb. 7th.

3) GJM is coming, slowly but surely...stay frostie.

KCC News

1) Great job again, KCC staff! You do us proud.

2) KCC not just for Krath order. Sign up and challenge someone to a duel of lightsabers, minds, or starfighters!

1) There are a lot of people doing great work and are not getting rewarded for it. Granted, much of our hard work as volunteers here in the DB will not be rewarded directly. That makes the occasional medal or promotion taste even sweeter.

It is up to you, TET's, AED's, QUA's, PCON's, and CON's to know your members closely and know when they deserve an award or promotion. As my old friend Shups used to say, keep the talent happy! Keep an eye and even a written record of who is doing what and if someone deserves an award or promotion or if they will deserve one in the near future. Don't forget them!

On the flip side, you hard working members, keep your perspective sincere. You will NOT get an award for every competition you participate in, you will NOT get an award for every time you update a website, and you will NOT get an award for simply doing your job for a short period of time. Try to understand and be objective when you or someone else is denied a medal.

If you honestly feel someone deserves a medal and is overlooked, let me know. Tell me why they deserve the award and use exact reasons. That they were a QUA for 5 months and did reports and ran comps, this is not a good enough reason for a big medal, but perhaps something smaller for extended service. Use your logic and thusly logic shall prevail.

We arn't here for awards, we're here for camaraderie and fun. If you find you are doing things only for advancement or awards, you might need to consider another avenue of enjoyment.

2) Hmmm, got a LOT of feedback, all positive, about the Kill the KHP contest but only two submissions! C'mon folks, I got a deathwish and only you can grant it! Due date is Feb. 7th, no exceptions!

3) GJW is still delayed but I still see comps being run in the meantime. Good! Keep those skills up Krath, the GJW will be long and hard, just like a gaffi stick.

KCC News

1) Nothing new, but again, props to the amazing KCC team who keeps those battles flowing without a hitch.

2) More and more people outside the Krath order are signing up. It's not just two guys beating each other up for no reason. Here are some tips to you folks out there are or are about to join the KCC...

a) Be creative with your reasons for fighting! Create a storyline, perhaps a series of battles between two people that involve honor or the breaking of honor. Perhaps there are a large group of enemies in the forest and you take turns dueling, ie do one KCC battle at a time, the winner of the last battle fighting the next person in line.

b) Be creative with your arena! Forests, wilderness, warehouses, fish factories, use your imagination. The cooler the arena, the cooler things to do in the battle.

c) Use your Force powers! That's what they are there for.

e) Starfighters! Sith, and everyone else, by all means fight in ships. Roleplay out the battle just as you would if you were on foot. Powers, damage, get the picture.

That's it folks. Have a nice weekend.

There's one more story coming up from me, I'll have it ready in a couple of days.

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