Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report

Ok, I think a fairly quick one this week...

1: Don't forget to request approval for your competition through the DGM site. There've been a lot coming through recently, which I'm quite pleased with, although they all seem to be for the same Houses all the time; do some of you just not run competitions? It boggles the mind...

2: Work is continuing on the DSC at the moment, with me now basically waiting on some revisions to come in from other people, including a Dark Hall rework, a History revamp, and a fiddle with the Envoys section. In the meantime, I'm working on Force Powers with the fabulous assistance of my Praetor and the Order Leaders. Hopefully the new Force Section will show expanded descriptions of all currently available Force Powers, plus (always assuming we get approval) powers specifically designed for each Order, and some specifically designed for each Clan. More news as and when.

3: All the information that I need for Clan Evaluations is nearly complete, and I'm waiting on a few things from my new Magistrate, SWL Nightflyer, before I get started. I'm also, annoyingly enough, waiting on information from Consuls and Proconsuls. I'm not going to have a major rant here, but I did give all of you well over five days to be able to submit this stuff in. If you cannot respond to an email within five days I grow little nagging concerns.

The following did not submit requested information:

SWL Tarkin, Consul Arcona

KE Ciara Tearnan, Consul Tarentum

SBL Proton, Proconsul Tarentum

If the requested info is not on my desk by tomorrow evening at 6pm GMT sharp, I can, and in fact will, be docking points from each of your evaluations for failure to comply. If everyone else can do it, it's pretty damned unfair on them if you don't.

4: On the issue of LEAVE. Consuls and Proconsuls in particular, this applies to, by the way... If you are away for more than three days then your Clan should be notified that you will be on leave. You should give a projected date of return. And you should notify either myself or Firefox (preferably both) of your being away. This is especially important with evaluations going on so that I can give a true evaluation of the periods you have been around, rather than an evaluation over a month when you've hardly been there. If you could make sure you let us know in future when you're going to be away, we'd both appreciate it.

5: A momentous event will occur at the DB meeting. Be there!

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