Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Hi all,

we had some bad news this week in regards of Garou. I hope Zilly finds out more soon.

Sadly, the Phyle comp got stuck between me and Zilly, who didn't manage to add anything, and Thorin who had to take a short LoA due to RL (he has a GF!). We badly need more people for the Phyle, but recruiting went nowhere lately. Time for them to get the envoy thing working.

Thorin has added his history, and has been working on the Clan comp thingy (hey, I hope you'll still finish that!).

Zilly has done one round of "Ask Zilly" answers, still waiting on the second one :) She's also completed her character sheet for the KCC.

Dalthid has send in caption comp stuff, so has Zilly (argh, reminds me I need to publish results here).

Thorin and Dalthid have been on IRC, and I bet Dalthid did the MT, as usual.

I did the MT, too. And non-reports. And mini comp stuff. And.. err... dang, no, I did not update the website last week blushes This week's update will be there tho.

Garou has been in hospital flirting with the nurse. A very important activity!

Fact remains, we need more members. Trout refused to rejoin Aleema based on the fact that he's too busy being fried.. err I mean bothered over SDIR

Go out recruit, Spirits and other critters! Whatever SG you are in, make em come over and kick ass with us.



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