Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


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Lots of comps ending and some new ones beginning. Hopefully we can get all our inactivity out of us before the Great Jedi War. Anyway, on with another pointless report.

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>REPORT SUMMARY</td> </tr> </table>

  • Diamond vs. Sapphire Results

  • JAN Sapphire Training Run Results

  • FEB Sapphire Training Run

  • HLK Monthly Flying Competition

  • Who the Hell Are You?

  • Awards and Promotions

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>S..T..U..F..F</td> </tr> </table>

#001 - Diamond vs. Sapphire Results

The winners of the Malik vs. Carl and Bob competition (otherwise known as Diamond vs. Sapphire) are final.


1st place - SW Carl Lost - Crescent w/Emerald Star


1st place - SBM Bob - Crescent w/Emerald Star


1st place - SBM Malik - Crescent w/Emerald Star

Winning Squadron;


#002 - JAN Sapphire Training Run Results

Not much of a turnout, hopefully next month will be better. Anyway, Congrats go out to the following:


1st place - SW Carl Lost - Crescent w/Emerald Star


1st place - SW Carl Lost - Crescent w/Emerald Star

2nd place - PRT Uther - Crescent w/Topaz Star


No Submissions

#003 - FEB Sapphire Training Run

Another month, three more free missions.

Start Date: 2003-2-1

End Date: 2003-2-28

Awards: 1st place - Crescent w/Emerald Star

2nd place - Crescent w/Topaz Star

3rd place - Crescent w/Quartz Star

*in each game platform


TIE FREE #105 - Blowing Crap Up

XvT FREE #11 - The Test of Skill

XWA FREE #65 - Combat Patrol

Send your pilot files to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) by February 28th.

#004 - HLK Monthly Flying Competition

The two active Squadron of the House, Diamond and Sapphire, are to compete over the period of a month. The objective of the comp is to acumulate the larger amount of flown missions by the pilots of each squad. Pilots shall be awarded individually with the proper Crescents regardless of squad or position. The winning squad will be the one with the most missions acumulated by its pilots on the month. The winning squad shall be awarded a total of 10 Industrial Points per month victory.

All missions/battles available on TC Battle Center

Individual scoring:

Crescent w/Sapphire Star (Cr-1A) for 1st place

Crescent w/Emerald Star (Cr-1E) for 2nd place

Crescent w/Topaz Star (Cr-1T) for 3rd place

Squadron overall scoring: 10 Industrial Points (as permitted by the SHW)

#005 - Who the Hell Are You?

The "Who the Hell are You?" Competition


One of my first goals when I took the Squadron commander position was to make sure we are always doing something. So since we've had quite a few flying tasks, I thought we would do something a little different. So after a few suggestions I have decided we will have a profile competition.

I've been working on mine the last couple of days to give you guys an idea of what you can do.

Ideas: Pictures; especially of what your character looks like.

Ship; details on where you got it and its qualities.

DB Career; what you have done so far in the Dark Brotherhood.

Dark Jedi career; anything you have learned in the Dark Side.

The things you can add are endless.

Now, how you submit it is entirely up to you. If you have HTML skill you can make it a webpage or you can just send me it in a txt/doc file (and if you have pictures attach them). Or if you have another idea, let me know, I'm real open on this.

This competition starts today and will end February 1st. All submissions should be sent to CMDR Bob at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

I will judge the entries and the top 3 will get the following awards:

1st place - Crescent w/Emerald Star

2nd place - Crescent w/Topaz Star

3rd place - Crescent w/Quartz Star

I would like to see a high turnout for this competition. Good Luck all.

#006 - Awards and Promotions

Lets Start with Medals:


And now Promotions:


<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>STANDING ORDERS</td> </tr> </table>

#001 - Sapphire Training Run

#002 - The "Who the Hell Are You?" Competition

#003 - HLK Monthly Flying Competition

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>THE USUAL SUPSECTS</td> </tr> </table>


Drank alot.

FM/GRD Talon Karrde/Sapphire 1-2

No Activity.

FM/Open Position/Sapphire 1-3

FM/Open Position/Sapphire 1-4

FL/SW Carl Lost/Sapphire 2-1

Email Activity.

Completed TIE FREE #135.

Completed TIE TC Battle #202.

FM/PRT Uther/Sapphire 2-2

On leave till Feb. 5th.

FM/Open Position/Sapphire 2-3

FM/Open Position/Sapphire 2-4

FL/SW Janos Silverwulf/Sapphire 3-1

IRC Activity.

Grant of Arms approved.

FM/ACO Ksian Qui-Soran/Sapphire 3-2

On Leave.

FM/PRT Saber/Sapphire 3-3

On Leave.

FM/Open Position/Sapphire 3-4

Squadron Mascot/Fred the Seal

Assisted CMDR with alcohol consumption.

_NOTE: No Activity doesn't mean you didn't do a damn thing...It just means I just didn't see you do a damn thing :P

Also, if you don't tell me about it I can't report it._

That is all!

SBM Bob(Sith)/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow

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