Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Hi all,

I'm not really sure that I have much to add to Aragorn's report! But since I have to send one, here it is :)

  1. Welcome back Blade, and congratulations on securing TET of Hex :)

  2. Unfortunately we've lost macDougall and Vervain to the Sith, but hopefully they'll realise that we;re far superior and return to us soon!

  3. Congratulations to Quinlan Vos for winning the Graffiti comp, and to Skorbacca for winning the words comp :) Both have been awarded Crescents with Sapphire Stars (ok, Quin was accidently awarded two... but that's under control now!).

  4. Betja has just about finished his exams and is returning to activity - whoo! Although he still has computer difficulties - boo! But he's agreed to be the house Rollmaster and maintain the house mailling list for us - whoo!

  5. Phoenix phyle status:

Ange (TET) is running a competition to describe the photo sent out on the Phoenix mailling list.

  1. Hex phyle status:

Blade (TET)is running a competition to come up with a new phyle motto. He also has plans for a second competition to start v soon.

If anyone knows who owns the Hex webpage, could they inform Blade!

Hex phyle also has a new mailling list. Blade - could you take charge of moderating it? (Also, Ange - I assume you're in charge of moderating the phoenix list?)

  1. Current competitions for Ektrosis:

Write a short story about how we train. Remember Luke on Dagobah? Something similar, yet different due to our dark nature.

1-2 pages

Submissions should go to Aragorn ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Closing date is Feb 11th 2003.

  • The Krath High Priest has gone loopy!

In two to four pages, write an interesting story on 1) Why the KHP deserves to die and 2) How you decide to kill him. This is DB-WIDE!


1) Find a good reason.

2) Be realistic, and take rank into account.

3) Make it a story. Don't make it a rough outline or narrative.

4) Originality and interesting content will win this event. Make it silly, make it gory, make it crazy.

Deadline: February 7th 11:59pm.

I'm guessing entries are to be sent to Tronsta.

  • Krath monthly topics:

Not out yet.

  • If anyone fancies starting a run-on on the mailling list, be our guest :)

  • If anyone has an idea for a competition we could run next week - e-mail me.

That's my lot. Have a nice weekend all :)


PS We have snow!!

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