Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

"In Darkness"

  • BO News-

  • Were on fire, man we Rock da Ronin!

  • Everyone is doing loads of stuff !

  • E-mail me and tell me if you want to challange Harbringer or Sentinal

-House News-

I'd like to remind that also FLs should CC Tiss & Dan to their weekly flight reports

Last Man Standing

Tiss's Great Battle - XvT DB #8

We are still planning to balance out the squadrons and shift some people around so bear with us.

-Clan News-

Alvaak Ladder

STATUS <- read it very carefully !!!

Alright, listen up. We started the Alvaak ladder on the 3rd of January, and till now we have around 10 members that signed up for it. And just one of those 10 ones submitted something for the ladder. To be honest, I don`t accept this.

There was a lot of preperations and hard work that was needed to bring the ladder up, and the all in all performance of the houses in the last ime was honestly a bit low. Several members are there with an outstanding acitvity, others do nothing. This is a status that I will not longer tolerate.

The Alvaak ladder is up for every Alvaakian, for every Order is something there, and it takes what, 15 mins ? 20 mins ? to do at least a minimum of activity for it.

Therefore, you have time till the 14th February to sign up for the ladder and submit something. Those who fail to submit something, and those who don`t sign up, will leave the Clan.

If anyone is not interested to be a part of the Clan, then he shouldn`t be part of it. And I can just be a part of the Clan when I bring myself in, and I do this by activity. ThatÂ’s as simple as it sounds


  • Fly and do your usual activity, remeber to report to me and AED Tissaya

  • Participate in the Run-on,


Only two,

Revamp Black Omega;

We need a new banner that i can use on reports and also a new motto and Message Board

New Black Omega Website

JH Mike has already/nearly finished this, great Site!


JH Marcin Szydlowski - Website, new Banner and wrote his FL Report

IRC and E-mail

PRT Vorgir - XWA TC 24, CAB 1, FCHG 3

IRC and E-mail

ACO Jer Stryker - Sorry lost your activity, if you flyed please send again

IRC and E-mail

GRD Chaose - FL Report, My Opponent in Last Man Standing!

IRC and E-mail

GRD Thomas Nitecki - Tonnes of IWATS,IWATS Core, FLA, ICQ, RT, SM/3, TT, TTM, VB

IRC and E-mail


Battle Team Roster: 6

Sith Commander Davi Anthol [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Guardian

Sith Flight Member TBA

Sith Flight Member TBA

Sith Flight Member TBA

Sith Flight Leader Marcin Szydlowski [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Jedi Hunter

Sith Flight Member Vorgir [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Protector

Sith Flight Member Jer Stryker [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Acolyte

Sith Flight Member TBA

Sith Flight Leader Chaose [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Guardian

Sith Flight Member Thomas Nitecki [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Guardian

Sith Flight Member TBA

Sith Flight Member TBA

-Flight #2 Report-






Another week has passed. Unfortunatelly I've been sick for the most of it, so I could not produce a lot of activty but I promise I will be better this week. I countinue my work on Black Omega webpage, and I say it's going pretty well. You can visit it at Right now I've designed basic layout for this page, and I need to fill it with info about out battleteam, about us, our achievements (if any) and other info. In future I plan adding automated news script so CMDR and FLs will be able to post their new.  

What's more. We have Great Jedi War to start soon, and I would like Flight 2 member to participate in it. Read CMDR's reports (also QUA and AED ones) for more info. Visit Dark Brotherhood page often and read news there.  

Also, I have request to Flight Member. I would like you to write me summary of your activity every Thursday, so I will have something to add to my reports. Don't send me pilot files, just write simple summary of the things you did this week every Thursday and that will do it. Thanks.  

From more info, I can tell you that my BoP-DB battle, about BLACK OMEGA! (yay) will be released very soon, so hear it guys! We will have battle about Black Omega! Yay! No DB squadron has battle! And we will have. I encourage everyone to make 1 battle about our battleteam. If you have any question, or need help just ask me. I'm da TAC ya know ;)  


- Our great AED has just her battle released. I encourage everyone to go and play XvT-DB #8. It's great battle and it's really worth flying. Also, I can recommend you XvT-DB #7, and XvT-CAB #1. So guy! To our TIEs.  

- Our PCON ordered that every Clan member should sign up to ladded. Go and sign up guys, and of course produce some activity ;)  

- Also, we will have new Sith Order competition, (what has been announced by SHW), so let's prepare guys. Our efforts in last SL very very poor, but I am sure we will do better this time.  

- Also there is 'The Great Trivia Hunt' competition announced by our DGM. I know it's more Krath comp, but we can take a part and earn some medals too.  


Black Omega Flight 2:  

    JH Marcin Szydlowski #2574 (  

    PRT Vorgir #2761 (  

    ACO Jer Stryker #2254 (  


Active participation in all squadron (and other) competitions with good results.

Recruiting 4th member of Flight

All members of Flight to work hard and get DJK ranks.

Creation of Black Omega battles.

I think that will be enought for now :)


Ok guys. You know what to do. Remember to inform me about your activity next week.  


JH Marcin Szydlowski (Sith)/FL/Ronin of Alvaak

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-Flight #3 Report-


As you propably noticed I have been appointed as a new Sith Flight Leader. At this time there is only one pilot in my flight but I will try some recruiting in near future.

Now, few informations about me..

My name is Michal Krzyzanski, I live in Northern Poland. I am almost 17 years old. I joined DJB a long time ago, but I went rogue because I was promoted to CMDR in Tie Corps. In fact my school started in September I had to resign from being CMDR, and reaching the rank of Major I became FM of Diamondback squadron. I was getting bored so I decided to rejoin DJB. I became Sith Flight Member of Battle Team Black Omega, and soon after that promoted to Protector. Lately I asked Davi Anthol to get SFL spot and here I am :]. I was also promoted to GRD.

Talking about activity... I will give you some rules which will be your primary duties in 3rd flight. Well, so let's get started...

  1. Our order is Sith so our main task is flying, 1 battle per week is minimum (average 5 missions)

  2. All 3rd flight members have to pass ISET and ESET courses.

  3. Every member should participate in every competition taking place in our squadron or higher.

  4. I will make an AWOL check every two weeks... if you fail to response twice I will ask our Sith Commander to remove you from the Battle Team.

  5. I would like to see high IRC presence and Message Board participation.

  6. Follow this rules and I will make your life a dream, disobey and you will regret you were ever born ;]].

I will try to write Flight Report every week, but sometimes it may happen it will be once per two weeks. It doesn't depend on me, just school stuff.

-Anthol's Thoughts-

Wow, i've talked to you all and your all doing fantastic, we may need some new Siths

but i don't think its of much concern, every one is flying, doing graphics or making

websites, Keep up the Great Work!

QUA Report

AED Report

RM Report


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