Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Before i begin this report i think its appropriate to mention the crew of the Shuttle Columbia and their families. Could you all spare a moment for your thoughts to be with them.


Its 02/01/03

Weekly News

Not much has happened in the house this week other than lots of promos and medals and stuff (there are more on their way).

Last Man Standing ocmp has begun and i am now accepting submissions for the first round until next saturday.

Last minute news!!!!!!!!!

Grand Jedi War begins!!!!!!!!!


Lets go guys and win this for Clan Alvaak!!!!


Continuing this section we have this weeks pick of the plays.

Track of the Week - Robbie Williams ~ Me and My Shadow

Karaoke Track of the Week - Savage Garden ~ Truely, Madly, Deeply

Album of the Week - Lion King ~ Film Soundtrack

Artist of the Week - Robbie Williams

There concludes this section, feel free to comment on my musical taste :)




Go sign up for stuff in Alvaak ladder!


Go sign up!!!!!!!!! Frey will get angry if you dont

Go take part in the run-on too. Its on the House MB

Also Vargas and Blaines trivia has finished with Tiss as the winner. Participation was poor and that includes me. I expect it to be better next time (that also includes me)

Last Man Standing comp has begun, details from http://www23.brinkster.com/goadsworld/house-ronin/comps/last-man-standing.html

The new guys have been put into the rounds.


Mordecai Malignatus -> ACO

Wisal Pol-Jo -> GRD

SAvageAz -> GRD


SAvageAz -> DC


Rahj Caedmon -> House Ronin

Shadow Academy/IWATS

Wisal -> Sith Core


  1. GJW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RECRUIT!!!!!!

  3. Follow Jedi Trials

  4. Prepare for thousand of comps the summits are working on :)

QUA's Final Thought

Here it is the moment weve all be waiting for. The GJW is on us. Now lets show people what we can do!!!

Cheers for now,

CMDR-TCS/CPT Daniel Goad/Echo/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard


SW Daniel Goad (Sith)/QUA/Ronin of Alvaak


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