Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Sentinel Report 2


Okay, lots happened this week, and I mean lots. Last man standing comp is up and running, Tiss has won Blaine and myself’s trivia comp, I wanna see more submission especially from you guys next time. The clan Alvaak ladder is still going on, please do participate, this is essential, or Frey will AWOL you, and I don’t want to loose any of you, your all very dedicated pilots, and good mates!

The Great Jedi War has begun, first off is the Run at .


Vargas Lornan: Sorted out the MSEs, wrote report, did KCC stuff, mail, IRC, message board contact etc

Blaine mail, IRC activity etc

Qui Nero: mail, IRC activity etc

Krayt: removed from roster

Curtis: TIE-TC Battle 170, TIE-TC Battle 160 good work

Ulath: mail me please


XvT-TC #1XvT-TC #2XvT-TC #3XvT-TC #4XvT-TC #5XvT-TC #6XvT-TC #7XvT-TC #8XvT-TC #9XvT-TC #10 DC awarded XvT-TC #11XvT-TC #12XvT-TC #13XvT-TC #14XvT-TC #15XvT-TC #16

Kyle Katarn: I still haven’t seen anything from you as of yet, come on KK, gimme something quick before Im forced to remove you mate, come on:)

Mordecai Malignatus: TIE TC #16 TIE TC #125 submission for Alvaak ladder poem TIE TC #121, 123 TIE TC 116

Good activity this week, great from Curt, Sav, and Mord. The rest of you, please do a bit more next week, I know you all can, and if you have excuse I love to hear them:)

The orders are to read the QUA and AED reports, and read about the upcoming competitions, recruit, and FLY. Any flying is good, and all counts towards a promo. Of course, participate in the Alvaak ladder, this is paramount, and is good training for GJW as I said before. One last thing, I reckon we can cause quite a stir in Alvaak, show em what being in Sentinel means. But that’s only if we all pull together, so participate in the Alvaak ladder, get a lot of activity done. The GJW is now up and running, so I expect you all to be ready for the events you are going to participate in, this is a great opportunity to get lots of medals and a reputation in the DB!!! Go for it guys!

Thankyou and good luck

SW Vargas Lornan

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