Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

H o u s e G a l t h a i n o f S a t a l K e t o


Sith Battlelord Pyralis


Dark Jedi Hunter Hawker

Note: SithWarCenter will not be receiving Galthain Reports until after the GJW.

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February 1, 2003

Everything was amiss. Escort Transports had landed on the surface. Confusion was widespread. Yeomanry and Journeymen alike rushed throughout the Dark Hall and the surface of Desalmado.

Was it invasion…? No, at least not yet. Sentries had run back, full speed to Desalmado to report of a fleet amassing in our Lyarna Sector. Now, evacuation was full scale.

Pyralis stood at the top of the Dark Hall, observing the insanity. The Dark Forest of Desalmado even seemed to be preparing. For what, it must have known. The darkness there ran deep. To peer down into it was like fathoming the bottom of a dark well. One lost his soul in it...The forest called out to him.

:: Once again, Pyralis stood in the forest – a flashback of him sitting in the clearing atop the rock. The dark mist gathered – and he did not resist. Resistance to such a power entity meant suicide. ‘It slowly enveloped Pyralis. Pyralis breathed and the darkness entered. He felt it merge with his very soul. He and the darkness were one.’ ::

The forest communicated this to him once again. It was the test of his lifetime. He had survived. It gave him confidence. It gave him pride. But most of all, the forest had given him strength. It was this strength that he would help fight a war with. It was the strength of the Dark Forest that Battlelord Pyralis would use to persevere in a Great Jedi War.

Pyralis, clad in his fullest robes, descended the Dark Hall, carrying his only possessions – a light saber and his EH uniform.

A Great Jedi War Has Begun...

Another week has passed. A Great War of the Jedi has begun. I summon each and every one of you to unite in a common goal of destruction. For the greater glory of Clan Satal Keto, I ask each of you to give your all in the coming weeks of intense battle between all 7 Dark Brotherhood clans. It is a quest of supremacy. It is a test of skill. It is a test of endurance. But most of all, it is a test of House Galthain. By the time the Sith events start (Note: Sith events have NOT started yet), I will have been your leader for four months. This house has made great progress – all thanks to motivated, inspired Galthain members. JH Big Daddy reminded me of some old reports I did back in the day. I recall one week in which there were only two pilots that did anything – they were the only pilots that seemed to do anything. TK-2107 and Mark Schueler. In the last Round Robin competition, there were good results all across the battle teams. Although, I know each and everyone of you could have submitted. All of you are alive. All of you are capable. Now, a GJW is upon us. It is the most important competition in the entire Dark Brotherhood. Nothing will ever top it. It is the ultimate form of war – the ultimate test of a clan. We represent not only ourselves as Sith. We, as House Galthain represent Clan Satal Keto. This is the first time since I have been here that we have represented on a level such as this.

I can not underestimate the need for everyone to participate. The greatest need for skill and participation has arrived. It is the most important thing you will ever see in House Galthain for perhaps the rest of this year – although I hope there is another DB-wide competition on a scale as large as this.

If you have recruits, now is the time to get them. The larger the house we have, the more prepared we will be to destroy the enemy. Already, in this month alone, Galthain has increased membership by 10 Dark Jedi. If you know people that are skilled, get them here. If you know people that aren’t skilled, get them here :D We need everyone we can get – even if it’s ONLY for the GJW.


That’s the link YOU need to participate in the current Run-On started by DJM Mairin Astoris. The plot has already grown to three pages! I know I plan on posting there after this report. If you think anything you’ll be writing will interfere with the plot CSK has made, feel free to email Arania and Kaiann – as it seems they are running that show.


Acolyte Autoris Maximus joins us from the Rogues. He as sworn participation in all major competitions and is now in Domi’s Disciples of Death under SW DarkHawk.

Sith Battlelord Donitz… Donitz gave me my first chance at widescale command in 1997 in the Corporate Division’s Military Complex. Although I had no idea what command was back then, I knew how to recruit. Donitz, needless to say, an Admiral of the EH at the time – later a CO/FA, was an invaluable reference, and I attribute him to the beginning of my Emperor’s Hammer career. He is one of those people, like Hades, that I have known since the very beginning. It is a pleasure and a sincere honor to have you in House Galthain.

Jedi Hunter Liara. A dark, mysterious Jedi, she is one of great knowledge. She harbors more strengths of a greater warrior than she lets on to have. The circumstances of arrival are mysterious to say the least. However, there is a dark secret to her true identity that may never be revealed.

House Galthain Aedile Report

I just had to include this heading again. I even typed it again! Our AED’s report has been so helpful, that I don’t dread having to write such a long report anymore – which probably makes you guys happier since you don’t have to read EVERYTHING by me. Goooooooooo Hawker!!! Hehe As always, see AED Hawker’s report for competition details.

Elevations & Decorations

GRD Big Daddy > JH Big Daddy


GRD Big Daddy was chosen, hands down, as the only Dark Jedi most capable of being the vanguard for the re-opening of Ghostrider Squadron in House Galthain. That was only two weeks ago, though. Before that, he was awarded the Star of Eos for immensurable activity JUST as a pilot in House Galthain and as acting CMDR of Delphian Squadron while Delak was on semi-leave. Two weeks since, he was given a nearly empty squadron and turned it into a squadron with the same if not more than the typical battle team size in House Galthain with the recruitment of Sloth, Lump, Reinthaler, and Xura Verr into the squadron. He writes THE best squadron reports I have seen in House Galthain since September 2002, consistently writing them on time, and filling them with information that NEVER bores me and always pushes me to continue reading. He has been a secondary assistant to the House Summit, and I try to always involve him on any important decisions before they are made – he has also assisted in compiling “Worth It: Phase II” ladder changes. He is in frequent contact with ALL of his squadron members – whether as a whole or individually. His presence on IRC is constant. Even then, with his exceptional skills as a Sith CMDR, he has gone beyond that, maintaining his dedication as a pilot. Since his last reward, he has had 4 Outer Rim War II victories, has played several MP matches for Worth It: Phase 2 (taking the lead thus far), and has participated in all of the House competitions for the past two weeks,

including: Round Robin: Round 1 – TIE-TC 32, XvT-TC 24, and XWA-TC 31; and Round 2 – TIE-TC 199, XvT-DB 7. Additionally, I selected him to provide me with a criticism/review of a battle I created for Sith Phase 2 of the SA. Last but not least, Big Daddy as ALSO continued flying just for fun, having submitted pilot files for TIE-TC 2, TIE-TC 3, TIE-TC 4, TIE-TC 5, TIE-TC 6, and TIE-TC 7. He is a model squadron commander for ALL members of the Emperor’s Hammer to follow. He has more than fulfilled the qualifications for the elevation to Jedi Hunter. Congratulations, Jedi Hunter Big Daddy... – SBL Pyralis

Since he has joined House Galthain, Big Daddy has been THE most active person I have seen for a long time.He's always flying battles, on IRC and has gone above and beyond his duty as a CMDR to recruit many people to Ghostrider Squadron. I have never seen anyone yet who has done a better job in as short an amount of time as he has. In addition, he has a positive attitude that has probably helped him to do as much as he has. I can't really add more to what Pyralis has said, but I wanted to add my input to illuminate Pyralis' recommendation. Big Daddy has just excelled in all areas as a leader. Without a doubt, he deserves the promotion. - JH Hawker

JH Hawker > Dark Cross


As AED, Hawker has continued his activity as a pilot. He has played for the Readiness Competition with: XWA-DB 1, the Round Robin Round 1 competition with: XWA-TC 31, TIE-TC 32, XvT-TC 24, and Round 2's XWA-TC 23, as well as the Open Challenge with TIE-F 194, and just for fun with TIE-TC 195. Even if he is the AED, any commander's continued efforts as a pilot must be recognized - regardless of the position he may hold. Congrats JH Hawker! - SBL Pyralis

GRD Josh Popelka > Dark Cross


Welcome Josh Popelka to the medal club ;P Since November 17th last year, you have played XWA-F 61 for the first Delphian vs DDD competition, the SSL Round 3's XWA-F 34, and most recently RR-R2's XWA-TC 23. It has taken quite some time to get this, but I think I can say that you have done enough to warrant this reward. It is a valuable Dark Cross, Josh. Wear it with pride... -SBL Pyralis

GRD Draco Aloran Caanis > Dark Cross


I must admit overlooking something in the activity record. So, this recommendation was made a bit late! Draco Caanis has, since joining Galthain, flown XWA-TC 4, XWA-TC 5, XWA-TC 6, and played one match in the CSK Worth It?! Phase Two MP ladder, achieving one loss. He recruited SW Akul Sinatek to House Galthain as well. These accomplishments have already warranted the award of a Dark Cross. So, congratulations Draco! - SBL Pyralis

SW Blade Killraven > Crescent w/ Sapphire Star


1st place Round Robin - Round 2 (ID #59) as a member of the Winning

Squadron: Delphian Squadron - SBL Pyralis

SBL Ricardo > Crescent w/ Emerald Star


2nd place Round Robin - Round 2 (ID #59) as a member of the Winning

Squadron: Delphian Squadron - SBL Pyralis

JH TK-2107 > Crescent w/ Topaz Star


3rd place Round Robin - Round 2 (ID #59) as a member of the Winning

Squadron: Delphian Squadron - SBL Pyralis

GRD Delak > Cluster of Fire


[JK2] GMRG Tournament 1/25/2003

Galthain Movements

Activity: Can you respond to e-mail or be on IRC?

Participation: For the glory of Galthain: (comps, fict, gfx, MP, SP, SA, webpage maintenance)


RR-R2 (Round Robin-Round 2)

RR-R3 (Round Robin-Round 3)

Note: Participation seems low since there wasn’t any assignment due this weekend.

House Galthain Statistics

Participation: 11/28 = 39.3% - wooo – what happened ;P

Activity: 25/28 = 89.3%

House Summit

Pyralis: QUA Report, XvT-TC 31, XvT-TC 34, XvT-TC 35, XvT-TC 36, XvT-TC 37, XvT-TC 38, XvT-TC 39

Hawker: AED Report, AED stuff

Delphian Squadron

Participation: 4/8 = 50%

Activity: 7/8 = 87.5%

SBL Ricardo: IRC contact

SW Akul Sinatek: SA: Leadership Studies Pass

SW Blade Kilraven: alive somewhere

JH TK-2107: RR-R3: XWA-F 47

JH Cray Mikalen: no contact

GRD Delak: RR-R2: TIE-TC 199, RR-R3: TIE-F 178, Squadron Report

GRD Rebelkiller: TIE-DB 1, TIE-DB 6, TIE-DB 11, TIE-DB 14, RR-R3: TIE-F 71, TIE-TC 202

PRT Luke Morin: IRC presence

Domi’s Disciples of Death

Participation: 2/8 = 25%

Activity: 7/8 = 87.5%

SW DarkHawk: RR-R3: XWA-F 47, MSCIII

DJK Vessicant: RR-R2: TIE-TC 199, MSCIII

JH Liara: Joined Galthain

GRD Josh Popelka: email contact

GRD Draco Aloran Caanis: IRC presence

PRT Darknyte: IRC presence

PRT AshMaster: no contact

ACO Autoris Maxmius: Joined Galthain

Ghostrider Squadron

Participation: 3/7 = 42.9%

Activity: 7/7 = 100%

DA Reinthaler: DB splash banner, RR-R3: XWA-F 47, TIE: DB4, DB5, DB6, DB7, DB8, DB9, DB10, DB11, DB12, DB13, DB14, IW1,

IW4, IW6, IW8, IW9, IW10, IW11, IW13

SBL Donitz: Joined Galthain

SW Mell Kerrigan: email/IRC contact

JH Big Daddy: Squadron Report, 1/3 of XWA-DB battle complete?

PRT Xura Verr: IRC contact

ACO Lump: IRC contact

ACO Sloth: RR-R2: XWA-TC 23


SBL Rapier: IRC contact

SW ZysFryar: no contact

JH Indaro Gallia: alive

Other Competition Reminders

Master Student Competition - III


Cheer on our very own DJK DarkHawk and DJK Vessicant as they continue to do pretty well in the MSCIII competition!

Clan Satal Keto MINI COMP:

www.aleema.net/csk - TRIVIA!

“WORTH IT?!” – Phase 2:

Galthain hereby closes participation in this competition as the GJW has started. Your ONLY responsibility right now is the Round Robin Round 3 competition which will end Friday, 23:59:59 Eastern Standard time [-07:00 GMT]. You are also highly encouraged to submit for the GJW run-on.


SBL Pyralis (Sith)/QUA-P:HM/Galthain of Satal Keto



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