Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

First Sith High Warrior Report of the Great Jedi War

1) Great Jedi War: At current I am already receiving pilot files from all platforms, excellent work everyone. Please keep in mind a few things. First All Single Player Pilot files are due a week from Sunday before midnight EST. Second make sure to use your ID Line so I know who you are and what House you are in. Third there has been a bug reported in the XvT Mission that the second flight of craft you pilot have hold steady orders but so far it hasn't halted submissions. It will be corrected however.

2) Sith Courses: The third course of the Sith Flight Studies, Imperial Warship Engineering and Technology (IWET) has been sent to the Headmaster, and he has told me it will seek final approval from the Grandmaster. The next course was not able to be created and sent this week due to a very hefty work schedule in my personal life.

3) Sith Wars: Ascension. The second installment of the Sith Wars is undergoing planning. This competition will be a little bit different than usual, a little unorthodox. It will follow the Sith Squadron League and the Multiplayer League, so it is still some time off, but it should be a nice break from tradition.

4) Multiplayer Comps: As stated earlier Khaen and I have discussed the inclusion of XvT and XWA in the Obelisk tournys, this will be a great way to get MP expierience and CFs for more Sithies!

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord

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