Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

We are now into the final stages of Phase 1 of the Great Jedi War

1) Return from Absence: As some of you may or may not know I was on a short leave of absence due to structural damage of my apartment complex, as of right now, I am back in the building but the Network does not always work the best, so please be patient.

2) Great Jedi War Phase 1: We are still accepting submissions for the the Single Player events of the Great Jedi War, I know the huge rush of them will come at the 11th hour of the competition but I am happy with how many submissions I have received so far, here is a break down.
Archanis - 6
Tridens - 5
Caliburnus - 6
Galthain - 8
HOO - 11
HLK - 6
Ronin - 8

3) Great Jedi War Phase 2: Phase 2 will begin shortly after Phase 1 has been tallied so anyone and everyone who can play Multiplayer better be ready for action. 4) Multiplayer League: My Magistrate has developed an excellent page for the Multiplayer League, final preparations for it will be gin shortly, this is defiantly looking up.
5) SA Courses: My next course is almost complete, due to circumstances time. I am also assured that the third Sith Flight Studies course will be ready shortly for people to take.

6) Leadership Issues: For those of you who have come forward with issues concerning command I will deal with them in short order this weekend.

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord

Good job HOO, keep it up... let's not get overconfident though. There's still a lot of time to submit some more pilot files!

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