Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Dark Greetings Jedis

This is report #16 dating 22.02.2003 meaning I´m now for 4 months already QUA of Cestus and I have to say it was really fun for me and I hope I will be able to stay it a little longer. But now on the report itself there is a lot of things to mention, so without further delay:


As far as I know several people are playing the JK maps for the GJW, but I don´t know who exactly so please everyone who is playing them so far or is starting hopefully today drop me a note so know how we are doing so far.

Futhermore The Run-on has ended last Monday and after some problems in the beginning in my opinion it ended quite good. I wished the participation level would have been higher in Cestus, but obviously some people just refuse to take part in such events.

That bings me to the general activty: While some members are really active and try to participate in the GJW others just lay around being absolutely inactive. Remember I said everyone who doesn´t participate in the GJW in any way and doesn`t supply me a very good is in danger to be kicked out of Cestus due to inactivity by me. This also includes also all these people who are on IRC, which would be normally enough, but don´t do anything else. I´m sorry but hanging around on IRC is no event in the GJW as far as know.

So get yourselves moving, participate and try to win the GJW for Tarnetum for Cestus and for you, if you value your membership in Cestus of Tarentum in any way.


Phase 1 of the Great Jedi War is still going on. The GFX event ends on Sunday 23rd Midnight EST. You can sent in as many graphics as you want.So with you have enough ideas for it, get moving and flood the inbox of our DGM with your submissions.

The Obelisk part is due to Monday 24th Midnight EST. If you don´t have already downloaded the levels go there and do it :


Because some people including me had problems to make them work I will explain here how to do it:

For JK2:

First extract the two files names Coronada.pk3 and Lyarna.pk3 to your base folder in the Gameplay folder which again is located in your JK2 folder.

Then start the game in SP mode, load any saved SP map, bring down the console with SHIFT + the button on the left above the TAB key for all who still don´t know how to do that and type in: map level1 . after hiting enter the first of the JK2 levels should start.

For JK1:

extract the gop file inot your episode folder of your JK. Then start a new SP game and select the episode GJW that appears then and start playing.

I admit these levels are long and hard, but you are Obelisk after all so I´m sure you can handle them.In order to aid you in this task Reb crush as made an Walkthrough for the JK2 levels and I have written down some hints for the JK maps.Both files are attached. If you follow them closely, proceed with caution use Quicksave(F12) and Quickload (F9) a lot to save your progress frequently you should be able to get through them.We did all to make it as easy as possible for you now the only thing you have to do is play them.

Don´t forget to read the readmes so you know what files you have to submit to the DGM and the OHC.


Quite some changes there during the last week: First the sad news GRD Obscurus left us to Rogue due to RL problems but he promised to come back this summer again or a little later. On the other hand we gained two new members: DJK Ryo Akaine and NOV Kethoron Thek have both joined our ranks. A hearty wlecome to both of you. It´s good to have you with us I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

The roster now looks like the following:

OBL Michael Halcyon

OBM Gelton Torr - QUA

OBM Ziguarath - Battleteam SGT Armoured Fist

DJK Darkov

DJK Glorfindel

DJK Ryo Arkaine - Trial Master

DJK Sukuth - Battleteam SGT Blades of Malice

DJK Talon Zetar - AED

JH Zekk - Battleteam SGT Battalion of Fear

GRD Eoth Kun

GRD Hev Randrowan

GRD Lorn Blahde

GRD RageMaki

GRD Reb Crush - Rolemaster

GRD X-Pilot

PRT Ereinion Qel Droma

ACO Marcus Gladius Octavianus

ACO Sen Hart

ACO Son Goku

ACO Tygarin Cypher

NOV Darchtra

NOV Death MD

NOV Gistenjunge

NOV Kethoron Thek

NOV Obi-Wan Eden

NOV Yukito


After some deliberations Zetar and me decided to ease the workload on Sukuths shoulders and relief him of the duties of Trial Master. To do Sukuth justice we didn´t think Sukuth did a bad job but the fact that Sukuth had two positions at once was never intended to be more than a temporary solution. Now after we find someone who was eager to take over responsibility in Cestus we decided with Sukuths agreement to give the position of Trial Master to DJK Ryo Akaine, woh already accepted. We agreed that the current trials of Zekk and Zetar will be fnished by Sukuth but all new Trials will be supervised by Ryo.


After showing constant activity in the past weeks and months Zetar and I decided to elevate PRT X-Pilot to the rank of Guardian. An elevation to Guardian also recieved Rage Maki, Lorn Blahde and Reb Crush, these three especially for their high participation level in the GJW Run-on. Reb Crush additionally for his good work as RM so far. So you see participation in the GJW really pays off.


Actually I wanted to anounce here some DCs for members for participation in the GJW so far as well but the CHAN declined them. Zetar is working on it and perhaps he has more luck than me.

The count of competition medals is lower than usual but I think that is because of the GJW so I have no worries there:

DJK Ryo Akaine: CFx3

That concludes my report. This is the longest report I wrote for quite some time perhaps the old times of my book sized reports are back. :-P

                                                                                In Deep Respect   


                                                                                   Gelton Torr  

(§§§§§§ {[]}§)(((::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-

OBM Gelton Torr (0belisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: CRU-G]


"Shadow is my Armor, Darkness is my Shield, Fear is my Sword"


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