Aedile Report


Aedile Report


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Aleema AED Ramblings and the beating of the dead horse

I don't know if I actually 

have to do an AED report since I just assumed the position, however, those of you who know me know that I am rarely at a loss for words. Holding to that, I would like to give my two cents (as I usually try to stay out of the "group" discussions) and for the GJW I will be keeping us up on what competitions are available if need be. If ANYONE has any questions, please ask! Despite the general opinion, I DON'T enjoy being the cause of turmoil:

Well, it seems that the powers 

that be have decided that an AED is needed in Aleema, and I have been asked to fill that requirement. I have accepted it willingly, and if need be; will bow out gracefully if someone better is chosen or my services are no longer required after the GJW.
For those of you who might not know me (doubtful as that may be), I have been a member of the DB since September of last year and was recruited by the "late" DJM Shups and KP Page Meridian, both former QUA's of Aleema. I will not hesitate to say that I am an A-hole (there are many who would say it for me), or at least I come off that way - alas, that is not always my intent. I am highly active in the DB and unfortunately I sometimes expect others to be as active as I I will apologize for that up front.

**ONE CENT:** The Krath should know a thing or two about writing 

(and I see writing as the Order's primary platform), that should go without saying. I have won or placed in every KMT since I have joined and I often place in the other comps that are out there, (yes, I was "tooting" my own horn...I have been known to do that from time to time:P). My point being, I will do my best to help where I see its needed, and I expect the same in return. We're not perfect - but the attitude ( not necessarily the products) of our writing should be! Let's face it, there are even veterans (and by "veteran" I only mean those who have been here longer) whose writing abilities could be tweaked once in a while. It should be said that there isn't anyone in Aleema who would mind "looking over a piece" before you submit it for competition, a second set of eyes will often find what you might have missed or messed up. We ARE Krath! We write! We create through imagery of words! If you or someone can't "imagine" what you've written - then you haven't done it right!

 **TWO CENTS: **Sometimes we HAVE TO give the reigns over to the more 

experienced folks in the House, ego smashing as that may be, for the betterment of the House as a whole. I recognized that when the GJW Run-On started. As a part of CSK we often have to bow to the other ego's in the other Houses, yet, we as Aleemans should keep our focus on the task at hand. As much as she may hate it; DA Arania is the Run-On master! I monitored every other Clan Run-On in the DB, and ours, by far, was heading to be the best - in the beginning. It should have been stated in the beginning that she was the "go to gal" for it - and for those who may disagree - sorry, but its a fact. Our Run-On still has the potential to win, but it could've gone off with less frustration within Aleema. KE Kaiann is the "admin" pro! He knows what to do and when to do it - he knows the "game"! However, he was ignored as far as the House was concerned. This covers our two veterans as the examples of what I am talking about; they (as well as a few others) have the experience: Aleema should've recognized that, went with it, and pressed on! - 'nuff said.

Now, that wasn't an attempt to brown-nose those two 

because they have their downfalls as well, but my point here is not to bash anyone. My point is that Aleema has potential, but the walls gotta be smashed down so that potential can be released. The skill of Aleema is a shade of a different story, there are a few in the House who excel at writing anything, while others...sorry...suck! On the same note, there are many writers who are horrid in other aspects of competition. Gaming for instance. We have some awesome gamers in Aleema - but they can't write to save their lives. (No names). I, on the other hand, can write but I couldn't beat a comatose quadriplegic in JK2 - see my point? So, I would hope that we each lend our quills and game pads to each other in reciprocal fashion to excel the House.

With that (and this most likely unnecessary amount of writing) I will note, for the record, that:
I will always be open to critique. But do it nicely. I learned the hard way that coming off like an ass doesn't do anything except piss people off, as well as kill any valid points you may have had. Thanks to all those who taught me that, hehe.

Now that I have wasted a significant amount of your time:


DB News

Aleema News:

Fare the well to KP Page Meridian who 

has left his post as QUA. In his place is KE Kaiann - though that's not really news anymore :P


GJW Competitions: Order (Due 23 Feb 03)


Poetry 1

  • Write an ode or poem to honour those who lost their lives during the defense of the Brotherhood so far. You can either do this from the perspective of a Clan member honouring their own dead, or from the point of view of one attempting to build and maintain an alliance between the Clans, thus aiming at conciliation through their words.

  • Submissions should be 30 lines minimum

  • .doc, .txt, or .rtf format only

  • Ensure your ID line is included in your submission file

Story 1

  • Document the withdrawal from Lyarna and Coronada and the subsequent forging of the Alliance of Seven.

  • Submissions should be 1 page minimum, 12 point Times New Roman

  • .doc, .txt or .rtf format only

  • Ensure your ID line is included in your submission file

Ritual Design

  • Owing to the level of distrust amongst the Clans, the Alliance of Seven is to be bound with a ritual of solidarity.
    Design the Ritual.

  • .doc, .txt or .rtf format only

  • Ensure your ID line is included in your submission file

Submit to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses] - ONE FILE PER EMAIL ONLY

GJW Competitions: Open (Due 23 Feb 03)



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DJK Dalthid (Krath)/AED/Aleema of Satal Keto



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