Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Welcome back to the Sith High Warrior's Report! YAY! Rejoice! OK on to news and such things.

1) Great Jedi War: All scores have been tabulated and sent to the DGM for review and release. I was very pleased with the participation especially House Galthain of Satal Keto which submitted over 40 files for Phase I. Excellent work everyone.

2) Great Jedi War: Phase II is now open, Multiplayer Events will be released in due time as well as the various formats we will be using.

3) Great Jedi War: Also with Phase II comes the Screenshot Competition, this isn't necessarily for Multiplayer events. You can take a Screenshot of any mission as long as it is pleasing to the eye.

4) Great Jedi War: The Tactical Battle Plan competition is as well open now, take your time with this competition, graphics depicting strategic maneuvers are also a big plus.

4) Sith Courses: I have been informed that newest Sith Flight Studies course is still has not been reviewed at this time, hopefully this will be accomplished soon.

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord

Congrats Galthain!! :D

Also, for your Sith course. It has been reviewed and is out of the SA's hands. GM Firefox should have it now.

It's not in my mailbox, so I don't have it.

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