Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Dark Greetings Jedis

this is report #17 dating 01.03.2003. Before I will come to the usual topics there is something else concerning by own person I want to announce:

Some of you may already know that I study Ethnology as major and Prehistoric Archaelogy as minor. For an archaeologist it´s very important to get as many field experience as possible starting already during his or her studies. Therefore I applied for an excavation project in Belize that runs for 4 months. Two weeks ago I recieved a mail that stated I was accepted into the project. It will start on 17th of march but before that there is a two week conference called Maya Meeting in Austin Texas where the newest results on mayan archaeology are presented. This conference starts next thursday, therefore I will fly to Texas next wednesday and from there to Belize after the conference. I will return home mid July at the latest.

Of course these activities of me will affect my work as Quaestor of House Cestus. I probably can get internet access in Texas but how much I don´t know yet. In Belize I have been told the project has an I-net con that can be used for private matters if not needed for work and there are also some I-net cafes in the nearest town, but how much access I will have there is yet unknown as well.

I agreed with Ciara that we will give it a try and see how things work out, therefore I will stay Quaestor of Cestus until further notice. But should things evolve in a way that prevent me from doing my job sufficient enough Ciara and I decided that I will step down as QUA. We agreed that Talon Zetar would become then the new Quaestor of House Cestus and Glorfindel his Aedile.

However things will evolve I will have to reduce my IRC presence to a minimum. Because I will lack then an important source for information I will have to rely myself even more on e-mail and therefore I need you to keep me updated by mail. I have put my normal account on forwarding all mails to another account which i can access from everywhere, so you can continue to sent your mails there. But just in case something should go wrong my account I will use is :

[Log in to view e-mail addresses]

you can sent any important mails directly there if you want. As for procedures present all day-to-day and quick-to-solve matters to Zetar and he will deal with them. Only matters that are important, will have effects on the whole house or are longterm should be sent to me because my usual high mail turnaround rate may drop as well.

For the next months you will primarily deal with Zetar not me anymore. But remember I´m still out there somewhere and you can come with any matter you have on your mind to me and perhaps I will even show up from time to time when you least expect it. :-P

Now this matter is anounced I will continue with the usual topics:


After the end of Phase 1 the activity dropped a bit again. But I´m confident that when the long expected MP part is released it will jump up again. Everybody who hasn´t shown any activity yet in Phase 1 Phase 2 will be your last chance to contribute to the GJW and the success of house Cestus and only if you take part in it you will be allowed to stay on the Cestus Roster.

A side note here to the issue of reports again. So far only SGT Sukuth does his reports to my expectations. SGT Zekk does them but not on the regular basis that is needed in that matter. From SGT Ziguarath there are no reports or any other signs of live since three weeks, I fear he has been called away to his military duties again. Zig if you read this please answer :-P

I also noticed that the reports even if they are done are not always uploaded into the database, again only Sukuth is doing that every time.

However this behavior is not acceptable especially under the circumstances I will be soon in as I stated above. Then I will need SGTs that keep me updated enough and right in time. I hate uttering any threats but if any of the current SGTs isn´t able to do that I will have to search for new ones that can do it. Everybody knows what that means so I won´t go into any further detail.


Phase 2 of the GJW has started with two Graphic Events for all GFX cracks among you and a battleplan scenario. I admit for some people including me this is a new kind of competition but I have talked with Michael Halcyon who is very experienced in it and he agreed to lead the efforts of Cestus. So everyone should talk to him to get information and advice from him how to work this scenario out. I think everyone should give ot a try, when my time is allowing it even me will try to contribute to it. You will find all so far released GJW Phase 2 events there:


This weekend the long expected Obelisk MP ladder wil be released according to some news and more rumors. Cestus always did very well in the weekly MP comps so there is no reason not to repeat that in the upcoming GJW ladder. All MP junkies go out there and show the other houses that Cestus is a MP force you have to reckon with.


No joins no departures this week therefore our roster is unchanged:

OBL Michael Halcyon

OBM Gelton Torr - QUA

OBM Ziguarath - Battleteam SGT Armoured Fist

DJK Darkov

DJK Glorfindel

DJK Ryo Arkaine - Trial Master

DJK Sukuth - Battleteam SGT Blades of Malice

DJK Talon Zetar - AED

JH Zekk - Battleteam SGT Battalion of Fear

GRD Eoth Kun

GRD Hev Randrowan

GRD Lorn Blahde

GRD RageMaki

GRD Reb Crush - Rolemaster

GRD X-Pilot

PRT Ereinion Qel Droma

ACO Marcus Gladius Octavianus

ACO Sen Hart

ACO Son Goku

ACO Tygarin Cypher

NOV Darchtra

NOV Death MD

NOV Gistenjunge

NOV Kethoron Thek

NOV Obi-Wan Eden

NOV Yukito


None this week


Due to the great participation of Cestus in the last OHC cup there are quite some competition medals again this week:

DJK Ryo Akaine (Obelisk)



DJK Sukuth (Obelisk)


OBL Michael Halcyon (Obelisk)


GRD Reb Crush



This concludes my report for this week. I hope I will be able to write one next week as well. We will see...

                                                                            In Deep Respect   


                                                                                Gelton Torr  

(§§§§§§ {[]}§)(((::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-

OBM Gelton Torr (0belisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: CRU-G]


"Shadow is my Armor, Darkness is my Shield, Fear is my Sword"


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