Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Auctoritas Report

1 March 2003

Khan is still gone. We haven't heard from him since the 12th. I'm starting to get a bit concerned...anyway, here goes another report. Remember, screenshots for this round of the screenshot competition are due by this coming Friday, March 7.


Applications are now being accepted for Brigade Sergeant. Apply to myself and Khan.

Phase 1 of the Great Jedi War is over. I didn't receive submissions from any of you. As for Phase 2, I've gotten things from Tatsu and Sirik already, though. So, let's go compete. I'd definitely like to win, but even if we come in dead long as you try, I'll be happy.

Applications are being taken for Commander of the Guard. Apply to Firefox and Mairin.

Applications are also being taken for a Magistrate to the Obelisk High Commander. Check the DB news page for more info.


Battlemaster Khan - On indefinite leave due to PC problems.

Battlemaster Ryell Zoith - Nothing.

Warrior Jacen Aylen - Owning the rest of Alvaak at Outcast, IRC, MB's, Email, random other acts of Aedileness. Also, I took the SA Leadership Course this week, against my better judgment. Of course, I aced it with a 100%. :P

Dark Jedi Knight Deathdealer - Nothing.

Dark Jedi Knight LilHawke - IRC.

Dark Jedi Knight Tatsu Kogarasu - Email, IRC, playing JK/JO, submitted graphics for the GJW.

Dark Jedi Knight Vally Tamalar - Nothing.

Acolyte Kuro - IRC, Outcast.

Acolyte Sirik Xirok - IRC, Email, submitted a Battle Plan for the GJW.


The Great Jedi War! Solidarity!

Bi-weekly screenshot competition. Every 2 weeks we tally screenshots from your EH matches. Minimum of 7 to be eligible for the Crescents. There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

There is always something going on in #obelisk.






Definitely 2, possibly 3 coming up really soon.


Well, thank you to Sirik and Tatsu for going ahead and competing in Phase 2. I'm glad to see that. I don't have much else to say. I haven't seen any problems out of you guys, but I have seen immense disrespect from people in other houses that think they don't have to listen to an operator on IRC that isn't their Quaestor or Aedile. If an OP tells you something, you do it...I don't care what order they are of. Just wanted to state that so that if it ever does become a problem, don't say I didn't warn you. I'm gonna learn PHP, so maybe you can expect a nice dynamic website sometime in the next few weeks. Other than that, I'm out. I'll be on IRC if you need me, of course.

Obelisk Warrior Jacen Aylen

-Guard of the Consul-

Aedile/House Auctoritas of Alvaak




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