Aedile Report


Aedile Report


Greetings Gladius. Time for yours truely to bring you up to speed with the EH around us. :P

Unfortunately, nothing is going on, so there is nothing to report right now. Well EH wise. Ill have the KHP report, the Mystic Report, the GM and another report.. its somewhere around here. Anyways, time for that little weekly chat you all love so well. Dont look at me like that..

Okay, Phase 2. Thought I was going to talk/rant about something else? Hahaha, thats funny. Anyways as the KHP report will tell you, All participation is VERY important. I actually talked with him today about this whole thing and he said everything is taking alot of time to grade. Why? Because everyone is participatin and they are turning in great stuff! Gladius, wake up and smell the...ermm reality. ¬.¬ yeah.. Anyways, I need you ALL to participate. Everyone that is getting this email needs to participate. And this time, you have no excuse! It lasts all the way until the end of MARCH! You have PLENTY of time to get in the Krath events. There is a Poem and a Story section. Thats it, just TWO. I would like to see participation in the open events, but thats up to you. But the Krath events is a MUST.

I know some of you are a bit scared in a small way by this, especially if you havent been through one of thease before. I know myself and Telona breathing down your necks aren't exactly your idea of fun. But belive me, its not ours either. Her and I both know that you guys can win this thing. You have the talent within you, we've seen it before. And you know what? We arent the only ones who think so. I've talked to people on IRC, and they said that with all the talent in Tarentum, we would atleast place 2nd in the GJW. 2nd!! Out of 7 clans, thats GREAT! But if we are so close to 1st, why not BE in first?

Come on guys, it doesn't take much. Even I could do it :P I participated in the Krath events for Phase one, and im working on the Phase 2 events. So why not join in? Lets once and for all let everyone know that Gladius is the top Krath house. What do ya say? :P

Anyways, on to other news. Here is the Mystic's report by TET Rage :)

Greetings brothers and sisters

Great Jedi War action goes on and it is again time for a report. The contents:

  • Activity

  • Competitions

  • Promotions and Medals

  • General news

  • Roster

  • Kudos of the week


Phase 2 of the Great Jedi Wars started and will end on the 31st March. So try to get a lot in dont forget Telona's incentive offer ;P I am very satisfied with the participation of Phase one.


Great Jedi Wars

The events are quite unusual or unexpected...anyway: Krath events:

.) Story writting

.) Poem writting

Open events:

.) Evil Mastermind design

.) Graphics

More infos on the Mystic website:


Kick some real ass

Promotions - Medals & Courses

Cres with Amethyst Star for Demerzel for 2nd place in Open events in DJG

Cres with Sapphir Star for Rage Akaido for 3rd place in Open Events in DJG

General News

Dark Voice

Cyberguy should have it ready to go very soon. It has been Zipped and Shipped. Just check the link every once in awhile to see if the new one is here. Cyberguy is pretty fast I would not be surprised if it is very soon.

In this issue we have MANY interesting stories to share with you. For example the story of the month by Jedi Hunter Wisal Pol-Jo; We also have some great poems and graphics for you to check out. We are missing one thing this month SCREENSHOTS! Obbie’s where are you at, one submission to me would have got the screenshot of the month! Oh well, maybe next time. Don’t forget the great article by our staff writers; Anshar and Arcturus. Also don’t forget the new comic section brought to you by none other then the famous, Rage Akaido. She has a great one this month about Message Board run-ons that I am sure many will relate to! Well I have filled the DB News board with enough info for now. Don’t forget to keep on submitting I only gave out a little 37 medals for this month! Remember to follow the guidelines, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

We are still looking for Staff Members to contribute to the DV on a monthly basis.

If you have questions, comments or concerns just e-mail me or post it in the comment section of this post.

Mystic Website

New New New! Finally everything (expect the Archive) is online. The news will be updated freshly :P and the layout is new and actually everything is new :P So have a look if oyu have ideas, pieces for the archive just tell me and mail me :)

Activity Reports

Submission date is still WEDNESDAY for the activity reports. I again want to mention how important activity reports are for you since if I dont know what you do I cant recommend you for a promo/trials or a medal. Think about it.


DJK Rage Akaido - TET

GRD Siterath Goersase

GRD Demerzel

KAP Aari Nikus

DJK Jason Hunter

ACO Valpugius

ACO Desann

Special kudos and thanks

This week I'd like to thank the GJW participators for their submissions Demerzel, Siterath, Desann, Aari and Jaso. Another kudos to Siterath for submitting already another entry :) You rule!!!! :P

Kick ass!

Have Fun

TET Rage Akaido


Since there is no EH news this week, time for DB News!


Grand Master Report

Posted By GM Firefox- 2/28/2003

1) It's been a busy week for everyone. The GJW is proceeding well and some people have been really active. On my end of things however, instead of getting some vacation time, I had to work more than usual. Send all hate mail to me and I'll forward them all directly to my boss. :)

2) I'll now be taking applications for the position of Commander of the Guard. The primary duties of the CoG are to keep the Guardsmen active, constantly improve their skills and finally to go out there and kick some ass!

Applications should be sent to myself and Mairin. There are no set guidelines for the applications, but since the Obelisk as a whole seem to lack the seriousness and dedication that is required, I'm opening the job up for all 3 Orders. Although, obviously I won't give the job to someone who sucks at Jedi Knight or Jedi Knight 2 and that person will be expected to immediately switch to Obelisk. Level design skills are a bonus.

3) Once the GJW is over, I'll be looking for a few people to help in the organisation and running of several projects. One of which is the next GJW and another being a project to bring more background and interactivity to the Dark Brotherhood. Start thinking about these right now and if you're interested in learning more about this, don't hesitate to talk to me directly.

KHP Report

Short report...

1) Run-On results should be out real soon. Krath section of Phase 1 is being judged as we speak. Please bare with me as I try to put my best effort into grading accurately.

2) Any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions should be sent to your Order Leader and/or DGM personally.

3) Phase 2 is on. Get on it!

4) I will tell you all is a close war. I'm dead serious here. Each and every submission is important. Good luck.

KHP Tronsta

GJW: Dissension - Phase 2

by DJM Mairin Astoris- 2/25/2003

Phase 2 of the Great Jedi War, Dissension, begins today.

New events have been posted at A further event will be released as soon as all the marking from Phase 1 has been compiled together, which should be this weekend.


Thats about it in the news department. As I said, the KHP urged everyone to participate in the GJW, its key. We could win or loose this thing just on one of your submissions. This goes to all of you too. You have the power, lets use it :P

Thats it for me. I guess ill be stealing Rage's line from now on.. Sorry Rage ;P

Have fun and KICK ASS!!

KP ''Doc'' Hades (Krath)/AED/Gladius of Tarentum, (BNB)

"It's God's responsibility to forgive Bin Laden, It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting..."

-United States Marine Corps</bow>

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