Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Welcome back to the Sith High Warrior's Report, this be number 11! BOOOOOOO! HISS!

1) I'm finally on break so I can back to work on the Course Projects I have planned. I am always looking for new ideas concerning courses with relevance to the Sith Order. MVET should be sent to the Headmasters office hopefully by next Tuesday. The IWET course is still in the approval process apparently, I'm confident it will be available within the next week.

2) With the intrepid activity of my Magistrate, DA Reinthaler, and our fellow Tauian Protector Verr, the Sith Multiplayer League is well on its way to completion and with use of the Battlestats system, it should be and exceptionally well run regular competition.

3) At the request of Sector Admiral Astatine, I am going to look into automating the Sith Squadron League system simply for the sack of it. We also will be looking into possible new platforms that we could employ Total Conversions upon to implement them on the antiquated Sith platforms.

4) Great Jedi War Sith competitions are still on, I have received several Battleplans already. You may work together in small groups to create a better Battleplan. You are not limited to one Battleplan per Clan either. Good luck.

5) Wargame etiquette has been a problem. This is a competition in a computer club, it is not the place for scornful language of your opponent. On the same note, I have noticed another problem. Avoiding challenges simply because your opponent is better than you is not acceptable. Some of these excuses are pathetic. Just fight or the fly the person, by running away you ruin the entire point of this competition, to be very crude, grow some balls.

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord

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