Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Welcome back to the Sith High Warrior's Report! ARRRRRGH!

1) Great Jedi War: Once again I'd like to reiterate, avoiding matches is not allowed in Multiplayer Combat, I've been receiving evidence occurring on purpose by the will of certain Summits, come on guys its one giant game, not something so serious as to resort to this kind of subterfuge. I am very pleased at the activity coming out of this Wargame, my congratulations go out to all members of the Sith who are participating.

2) Great Jedi War: I have received a new wave of screenshot submissions for Phase II of the Great Jedi War. A reminder these do not need to be during Wargame events they can be in any mission on any platform.

3) Sith Multiplayer League: Sign ups were posted earlier this week but once again here is the main information: Sign up for Battlestats as soon as possible, this way we can begin the Multiplayer Competition as soon as possible following the Great Jedi War. Our Club ID is 3628. If you're confused by anything go to This has the best instructions available.

4) Sith Courses: I'm waiting on Sith Flight Studies III to be posted on the Shadow Academy before any more Courses will be sent to the Office of the Headmaster. Currently we still do have four courses for members to take, the most of any Order, so utilize them.

Colonel Hades, Sith Warlord

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