Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Welcome back to the Sith High Warrior's Report! w00t w00t and uber and other dumb made up words!

1) House Summits: I'm very glad to see the Aedile position in House Oriens Obscurum has been filled at last, as well as acting an acting summit chosen. I know many voiced concerns of lacking activity in the House and I believe this leadership adjustment should begin to return the House to full working order. There are some other problems in the Summits that will be addressed following the Great Jedi War. You didn't think those House evaluations were done for nothing do you?

2) Great Jedi War: I'm still receiving more submissions for Battleplans and Screenshots, some very creative. The dead line is the same for all open and non-wargame events that being March 31st. If you have any questions concerning the Battleplan please email them to me. You'll get an email response a lot more quickly than an IRC response.

3) Sith Multiplayer League: I've been told my Multiple Player League Coordinator DA Reinthaler that we have had less than adequate sign ups for the Multiplayer League, as in less than 20. You need to understand that activity in Order Comps gains you a vast amount more Industrial Points than other competitions. If you have multiplayer capabilities just participating will make you a better pilot and will help your squadron to get better fighters. If you don't like those kinds of rewards well then I don't really know why you are here then. Sign ups are at Our Club ID is 3628. If you're confused by anything go to This has the best instructions available.

4) Sith Courses: I was actually told that the reason the newest Sith Course has not been opened is actually because the SCL has not posted it to the Domain. The fact that it has taken this long for a course that was approved weeks ago for it simply to be htmlized is very disheartening. Once I have confirmation that it is available to be taken I will send the next course to the Office of the Headmaster.

Colonel Hades, Sith Warlord

Oh we're ready to lock and load baby-


Damn straight Big Daddy D! HOO is gonna wh00p... uh... someone... we're not quite sure yet... waiting on Turn 7.... hopefully that'll be soon... with any luck...

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