Emissary Report


Emissary Report

Greeting everyone! Welcome to the first edition of The Emissary Reports!

I have been about as busy as you can get over the last few days. I'm sure you've all seen my numerous postings on this site, and aside from that I have recieved and replied to about 100 e-mails over two days. These e-mails contained information that lets me get to know the Clan leaders and their situations a bit better. Nevertheless, these are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to the communication I will be having.

A lot of people have been e-mailing me with comments and concerns, which I hope I have been addressing well enough. I would encourage anyone who feels the need, to come and talk to me. My door is always open.

Today I'm going to hit a few more details of my position:

**Duty 5: Help train new leadership

Duty 6: Serve as a resource for Clan leadership, new and old**

These two kindof fit together, because I don't distinguish people training based on time in their position. I am a strong believer that everyone can always push themselves a bit more to do things a bit better, and so I will always be helping to train Clan Leadership in ways that they can better themselves in the Clan. I'm not saying that I always know the best way to do things, but given my experience, I hope they will at least listen to my suggestions. I will be working hard to develop a level of trust with every DB leader so that we can have open dialouge of what we think the other is doing well, and what the other can improve on. I will learn from this training process just as much.

This week I will be talking more with everyone and getting a lot of administrative things done (such as getting on mailing lists and setting up my million plus e-mail filters :P). I will keep everyone up-to-date on things as they come up.

<p>Please, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, direct them to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


**His Eminence, Lord Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin

_Emissary to the Clans

Grand Master Emeritus, Fleet Admiral_**

AKA: That Stupid Jac Guy</p></p>

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