Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Welcome back to the Sith High Warrior's Report! Word up homey.

1) House Summits: This week saw the elevation of DJK Cray to position of QUA of Galthain, congratulations.  Grand Master Jac and I will be devising a strategy to help guide some Houses into better activity. If you are the Summit of a such a House don't be offended if we come knocking, this is for the betterment of your House and Clan, not a slander against your leadership skills.

2) Great Jedi War: The dead line is March 31st for all Sith events, those being the Screenshot competition and the Battleplan Competition. Please get last minute questions into me soon since this will be a weekend in which I won't be on IRC very much.

3) Sith Multiplayer League: Sign ups for the Multiplayer League are at Our Club ID is 3628. If youdon't understand the system go to This has the best instructions available.  

4) Sith Courses: Since SWL Pyralis is recently HM I won't be submitting new Courses until he has conducted his renovations and set in motion his plans for improving the SA.

5) Melee Nights: The OHC and I are working out a schedule best suited for Dark Brotherhood Multiplayer Nights, these will be for all platforms and all Orders. I know some House Summits are very interested in this and I hope they can wait a little bit longer, even though they have waited long enough.

6) Sith Squadron League: The third season of the Sith Squadron League will most likely begin Sunday the 5th of April, the preliminary rounds will run as usual, but The tournament rounds will not be TIE Based this time.

7) Sith Wars - Ascension: The next installment of the Sith Wars may be pushed back further than I anticipated, perhaps into early summer. This is more of matter of other projects in the Sith Order, and to make sure this competition runs as smoothly as possible.

Colonel Hades, Dark Side Adept

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