Consul Report


Consul Report


Dark greetings everyone !

Welcome to Report No. 16 ! Lean back and enjoy ! :)


What a week.

A lot of changes, so here we go. We have a new AED for House Auctoritas, it is still pending for approval, but I don`t think that there will be any problems.

I leave it to Jacen to announce his choice :)

The GJW ends tomorrow, so if you haven`t already submitted for the open Events do it now and save us the participation points !!!!

Beside this happened a lot of things.

For those who haven`t notices yet, the Chancellor is removed from his position and sent to the HCI.

The CON and PCON of Arcona are removed, while the CON of Arcona is sent to the HCI.

A new Headmaster of the Shadow Academy is appointed, congrats to SWL Pyralis !

The old HM, OWL Mage is now the new CON of Arcona.

And last but not least, the HCI case vs our DGM is closed. She got a rank demotion, loss of her position and a long probation.

So we lost also our DGM this week.

All in all, a very busy week :)

A few other changes will follow, I heard ideas for new concepts, somethat I like and some that needs a dicussion ;) but all in all I think we are on the right way.

There will also be a few internal changes how in future things are handled, but I need to set up some things first.

We are on the right way and will go on :)


House Comps will start soon again and a bigger Clanwide Comp somewhere in April, dunno what kind of Comp, mybe a small little feud :)


Ah yes, the Clan’s roster is currently standing at 38 Jedi’s with a few ones in the pipe to join us :)


You all rested enough during this last 2 weeks of the GJW :)

It is time that we get up and start to having fun again instead of being frustrated all over and over again. We are here to have fun, and you are all listed as active ppl, so lets get in move and rock the House :)

Beside this, if there are things that you aren`t happy about or if you have ideas for improvements or any stuff like this, I have always 2 open ears for your needs, and so have your House summits, at least we serve you to make this a good place for all of us.

So if anything bugs you, let it out, but please, in private :)

That’s all folks, enjoy the rest of your Sunday !


SBM Frey Gallandro (SITH)/CON/Clan Alvaak


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