Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


This report is on line as ever.

Greetings brothers and sister, as few of you know I have skipped the last report. Anyway there is nothing much to report this week too. Many things are changed this week in DC floors and probably this should be considered an important news.

Headmaster is changed. DGM is near to step down due a recent sentence of the HCI. GJW ends today and I must do a lil balance:

Sith Battle Plan

-no submissions (Zig submitted the plan but he needed a good graphic)

Sith Screenshot

-no submissions (and that's bad)

Open Graphic

-Rexal Qel

-John "Backfire" Doe

-Coranel Both



Open Mastermind

no submissions

Those who are not on this list aren't bad guys anyway. I want to remeber those who helped the House during this war with their participation in SP event and for their support recruiting other members:

DJK Coranel Both , JH Astarosta, PRT Drake Jensen (I'm sorry u want to leave the House we nee people like you), DJK Iceman, SBM Rakhai ( he left), GRD Xander Drax, SBL Predator, GRD Vervain Markenin, PRT Phantom.

Another important news.

DJK Draggore will be put in Rogue due RL lack of time. The RM spot is open to applications. Send me your apps asap.


Knowledge at least of HTML. Better if you know something in ASP or PHP.


DJK Draggore

I want your Story.

Send on the e-group your picture with a short story of your career in EH. Your actual positions in EH. Your nationality (even if you want), your ambitions, hobbies etc. This is just to know our self better. So do it ASAP

SW Rexal Qel (Sith)/QUA/Archanis of Taldryan




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