Aedile Report


Aedile Report

AED Report

Once again the AED report comes befor you Kirletians,,,,

tomorrow is the end of the GJW make certain you have any entry submitted befor 18:00 GMT, thats roughly 1 pm for you guys in the states. i may be wrong but just to be sure submitt it today.

We've had some medal go out this week & I'm sure glad the activity has been up lets keep this going,

Crimson Dawn has a new website you guys check it out let your Srg. know what you think!

I'm still waiting for more suggestions besides whack a mole what you all would like to see for a house comp to come up.

guess thats it for this week that i can think of for now for more detailed stuff check out the db news page & i'll see you on IRC!

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