Consul Report


Consul Report

Yo my clansmen,

No april fool's day joke from me. I got overloaded with them today, so I wont add to your own list of stress. However, the big stress for me this week was that I had to put together IRC logs to send to the Security Officer because one of our members went too far in his actions. I hate doing this, it is the first (and hopefully last) time I will need to contact anyone above me in the ranks for misbehavior. Remember, we have a loose channel, but you must respect each other and stop when told to. Now onto a lighter subject.

I'll start off with a congrats to HDS's new Quaestor: DJK Magus Lionheart. Khaen and myself talked with him about his plans and his application was amazingly packed with ideas. I look forward to seeing them in action and HDS getting on a roll.

Next, we have a really big promotion. It is a sad day, I no longer can say "Mwahahaha, I outrank you all!" since he is now my equivalent. Congrats to OBL Khaen! Well deserved ol' aussie PCON o' mine! And as Cooch, the previous Consul would say "(CoFo) stole my thunder!" Yes, that means more are coming very soon :) I'll have to ask around as the participation list probably wont come out after all.

That last statement leads into the next order of business: the Great Jedi War is over! Yay, thank goodness. We can all put it behind us. I'm going to try to find out who participated in what and hand out the appropriate medals or promotions. It'll take a little time and if you want to email me directly saying what you did, feel free! Hopefully I can get awards out before next weekend's report :)

Moving on... there is an inter-clan competition in the planning. So far it is in the hands of ProConsul Khaen. It is meant to be for fun and for clans to get to know each other. There will be teams of 3 people formed, and they are not limited to one clan. More info will come when I have it, just enjoy the sneak peek and realize your clan summit has something cooking for you.

Now the last little bit before my report gets too long. The DB is going through a big inspection. Especially the summit. We are watching a fairly large turnover in the Dark Council and one clan had their CON and PCON replaced. So this is a big warning for summit to make sure you are doing a good job, as big brother is finally getting out the whipping stick instead of just watching you :P I dont know who will become the new DGM, CHAN, or OHC... but we'll manage when it happens. Heck, might as well vote for Saitou for CHAN :P It could happen... maybe. I can always dream of having a "DENIED stamp."

(Part that has to be repeated all the time) Remember I have an "open door" policy. That means if you have any questions at all, email me or talk to me on mIRC. I go by the nick "Serovich" which is my TC name. If you want to discuss promotions or medals, feel free. Want to just chat? Sure go ahead. I dont bite, but the squirrel horde might... so bring some peanuts to distract them. Stay sharp guys!

Consul Saitou

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