Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Sorry this is a few hours late. I totally got caught up with house work. So sorry. Anyway, this edition has the usual stuff plus one extra special section for you people to take a look at. Enjoy!


Our very own Desann has been promoted to PRT for all his good work. It's about time huh? :)

No medals this week. :(


The Mystic competition is still going on. All you Mystics know by now what that is all about. Make your phyle look good by participating!

We all have a little fun competition to do now! I want to see lots of submissions for this because it's not all that hard. I don't even have min. page requirements with this one. :)

1.  Design a creature. 

While digging up an old Sith book on a planet about to be swallowed up by its sun in a few thousand years you are suddenly attacked!

What is this creature that you could not sense with your Life Sense?  What is it doing on this uninhabitated planet? 

Submit in .doc .rtf or .txt format with the subject  'What is that thing?!'

NOTE:  Do not just make this a current Star Wars creature.  It must be of your own design.

2.   Design a room.

What in the world does our meeting room look like?  You deside!

Submit in .doc .rtf or .txt format with the subject  'Now that's a room!'

3.  Design an old book.

We talk about all these old books we read and how much information and secrets they hold but what do these books look like?

Do they smell?  How do they feel?  Use that wonderful imagination of yours to describe one!

Submit in .doc .rtf or .txt format with the subject  'Dang old book!'

Awards for each part will be as follows:

Sapphire Star for first

Emerald Star for second

Topaz Star for third

All submissions are to be sent to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Clan/House News

Still awaiting with much anticipation on the Clan competition that will be out in May.

I'd like to remind everyone that when on IRC, talk about SW stuff only. If you must talk about current events around the world, unless it is something to be happy about or just plain funny, talk about it in PM or make a totally different channel to talk about it in.

Wow, all this talk going on about the website but will we ever see it come up? I hope so how about you?

Speaking of websites, I've figured out more of our own (if anyone knows ASP please assist me). If you'd like to send in graphics to be put up in place of what is there, feel free to send them to me. It doesn't have to be all fancy like either :)

Is there anything anyone would like to see on our website? Maybe you'd like to add your works to the fiction database. Send them to me and let me know what you want done. I am here to serve your needs :)

As always, my door is open for all your questions, comments, concerns, ideas, ect. Don't hesitate, just send an email.

Look for a big House comp. after the Clan one. Let me know what you'd like to see with that. Don't need to tell me right away as that will be a few months from now. I know to include the old stuff, story/poem/trivia maybe a debate and graphics. I'd like to include something fresh, maybe something you've had your mind on, something you'd think would be fun. Got time to think about that.

Big Important Annoucement Thingy

Ok for those who just scrolled through everything else just to read this topic :P

For those who read all of this report so far, good!

Anyway here it is....

I'm currently looking for a Trial Master to run the Jedi Trials that are in place here in Gladius. You have until the end of this month to put in an application. Keep in mind that all applicants will be tested. You must meet the following requirements:

Very good English grammar

Willing to take an unofficial position

Willing to take the test to prove the English skills

A member in Gladius :P

Anyone can potentially be TM. The job is rather easy, except for all the grading and nit-picking you must do. You don't even have to have any web skills as a website is already in place and I can change the little details for you. Send applications to Doc and me.

Telona's Funnies

Ok this one is just to show that not everyone can be cool Jedi like us. :P

Train of Thought

1994 Darwin Award Nominee

Confirmed True by Darwin

(September 1989, USSR) The Soviet Union is home to a growing number of psychics and mentalists. One of them, E. Frenkel, became convinced that he could use his powers to stop vehicles in their tracks. He believed that "in extraordinary conditions of a direct threat to my organism, all my reserves will be called into action." Frenkel started small -- a bicycle here, an automobile there -- before graduating to streetcars.

Finally, he devised an ultimate test of his psychic power: he would halt a freight train in its tracks. The engineer of the train that ran Frenkel over saw him toss his briefcase aside, and step onto the tracks with arms raised, head lowered, and body tensed. The engineer applied the emergency brakes, but it was too late.

The mentalist psyched himself out.

DarwinAwards.com © 1994-2003

Submitted by: Grim

Reference: Associated Press

Well that's all for this week. Everyone have a safe and productive week ahead.

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