Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Greetings Brigade,

sorry about one day lateness of this report again, I was kinda RL-busy last few days. Should be fine again. Anyway, back to the report.


Still at 6 Dark Jedi. Go out to public servers, kick @$$e$ and make them join DB, of course to join Tarentum as well. ;)


Rage got nice medals from last OHC's tournament, great job Rage. :) No other medal this week. No promotion as well. Keep up the work in DB or even rise it up and maybe I will report some of these. ;)


OK, first of all, I spoke to Gistenjunge few days ago. We spoke about the idea of brigade JK2 training. I already had this idea before (check old SGT reports) but this all happened when this brigade had different members, now we have new people in. I need something from you before we can get this thing going. Let me know what day and what time are you usually free. Anyone who's interested, tell me. This time, I will do trainings with anyone interested, shall it be only one of you. I won't force you to train with the team. It is just for your own good.

GJW results for Obelisk part 2 still aren't out, stay tuned for it. When that will be announced, whole GJW results will come shortly, I guess.

About activity. Well I haven't been on IRC for few days now so I can't say about your IRC presence or your other activities, since I got no report (only from Rage, again)... well, all I remember is Rage's presence on OHC's cup 4v4, where she was on the victorious team. Rage, Ereinion, Blahde and Gistenjunge are usually on IRC. About Rage's report, I already mentioned OHC, she also played with Kathar for his phase 2 Shadow Academy (same I did as well ;P) and she also played few more people (Mike, Malik, Glorfindel). I played on the OHC's cup as well. So much for the activity report.

And also so much for the brigade report :P cya all around, keep it active and mainly fun! :)

DJK Sukuth (Obelisk)/M:CoG-SGT/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: GLD]



"Any human is potential enemy, any place potential battlefield."

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