Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Hi again :)

  1. Once more, congrats to all who walked away from the GJW with medals and/or promos! Well deserved! Two worthy of mention:

Octavian's promo has finally come through! He's now a KP :) (It took so long cos I forgot I couldn't promo that high and had to get Sharad to do it, then he took a LoA, etc etc :P Sorry Oct, but we got there in the end!)

Sharad has been awarded a Sapphire Blade - congrats to our PCON :)

  1. My marbles comp has finished. I'm having trouble viewing one of the graphics, so the results will be delayed a little.

  2. Ever thought you could have been a better script writer than the amateurs they brought in for Episode 1? :P If so, Blade's caption comp can be found here:


Send witty/insightful/other captions to him by April 14th. (You can send more than one.)

  1. Tiger's running a competition - all details can be found in his weekly report. It sounds pretty cool, so check it out. (And yes, I'm sorry I forgot to copy the details so I could paste them here - I'll try and get them if people want them.)

  2. Kir will be starting a new comp shortly... watch this space...!


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