Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

My report isn't "really" late. It's "fashionably" late. :P

So, the big news is that I'm not sick anymore. These past two days I've spent in bed, mostly because of my own doing. It looks as if the Chancellor will have to stop defiling himself night after night, so those of you who got used to my semi-coherant ramblings late at night on IRC will have to move on without me. Camile is taking it slow. :P

The other big story is that Firefox and I have made a few rules on awarding involving SA Courses. From now on, anyone who authors a course will recieve a Grand Cross of the Dark Side, and if their course reaches 100 graduates, they will be awarded a Ruby Sceptre. That should clear everything up now.

Anyway, in other news, medals are being approved and plans for new medal images are in the works. Um, not sure what else to say, so I'll just wrap this pathetic excuse for a report up now.

Remember, if you ever have any questions, my door is open. Until then, stay warm, stay healthy and no, you cannot award Miss Portman for a competition. In the extremely unlikely event that she would even be back where I keep all the Dark Brotherhood's awards, you can bet that I wouldn't ever let her leave. :P


Archpriest Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Brotherhood

Yeah. For the record, it's insane.

People that submit courses will be rewarded based on the quality of said course. If it deserves a SE or SC, they get that. If it's so awesome that it's GC material, then they can get that.

As for "number barriers.." Please. Let's not turn the Ruby Scepter into another devalued Gold Star that we'll just throw around. I can't think of a higher medal in the EH that's been devalued more than the GS. So yeah... RSs and GCs aren't going to be awarded for default things like that. People have done far more for Ruby Scepters that they have currently. It's an insult to award one just because you passed a milestone.

I agree, that is WAY too much. The awards get devaluated quickly this way.

Uhh, isn't a Ruby Sceptre for 100 graduates a bit much? Giving a Grand Cross of the Dark Side for making a course is alot, a Ruby Sceptre is insane :P

Wouldn't a Star of Eos for making and a GC for 100 grads seem a little better?

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