Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Greetings, my Brother Siths!

This is going to be a short report, just to give you guys some info on things. First, for those of you who keep track of the DB news page, there is an interesting article. Apparently, the DB is "breaking" away from the EH. I just read this today, and its the first i've heard about it. I encourage everyone to read the article, and all information included with it to get a better idea. I'm sure that the ramifications of this will soon become apparent.

AED COMP Time! Ok, to celebrate my newest mission to be released on the TC database, i'm running a small competition. This is a Dark Brotherhood XWA Free Mission, revolving around House Tridens. All Battleteams were represented. I hope you guys enjoy it. This comp was specifically designed for "All members of House Tridens". I WILL not be participating in this since a) i set up the comp, and will be the referee b) i designed the mission, which kinda gives me the advantage and c) i want you guys to have members of HammerHead, and Stingray get flying...also, if our QUA decides to fly for this, he certainly could.

Note: For any of you who wondered why i created this mission, or where it came from...back in NOV, AED Pel ran a mission outline comp. I not only made an outline, i created the mission using my outline, and submitted it...but was the only participant. This mission was the result of that competition, and now I get to put it to use for the enjoyment of the members of Tridens (at least, i hope you guys enjoy it).

Mission to fly: XWAF-100 This competition begins today (April 12th) and runs for one month (May 12th is the due date). It might seem like a long time to fly one single mission, but other things will be happening. Send all submissions to me, and CC your BT CMDRS.

Awards will be handed out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place: Cr-1S for First Place, Cr-1E for Second Place, and Cr-1T for Third Place

For those of you also in the TC, I ask that if you fly this, take a moment or two, and rate the mission on the TC database.

If any of you have questions about this comp, direct them to me.

The Sith Order has a new Sith High Warrior! Big congrats go out to Dark Side Adept Reinthaler!

That's all I can think of ( or can find) for now. Everyone have an excellent weekend!

DJK VinDoros (Sith)/AED/Tridens** of [Tarentum*](
<small> {SA: G:P1-G:P2-G:LS-K:GS-O:CORE-S:CORE-S:ISET-S:ESET-S:TAC}</small>**

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