Aedile Report


Aedile Report


I guess it was a good thing that I waited this long send in my report, but it is hardly on purpose. You are about to recieve the most important peice of news in your DB career.. The following was posted this afternoon on the DB News page. It affects us all. I am not sure if any of you have seen this yet, but you all need to... ill post the regular news after.


The Future Of The Dark Brotherhood

Posted by GM Firefox - 4/12/2003 [5:02:50 PM]


Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood.

As we're sure you’re aware, the Brotherhood had officially rejected the authority of the Emperor’s Hammer Command Staff over the Brotherhood. For anyone who is interested, this is the notice that was send to Fleet Commander Ronin:

What does this mean?

Basically, the Brotherhood has reclaimed its status as a Sister Organization to the Emperors Hammer. We will no longer be a subordinate Sub-Group, rather equals in the grand scheme. We leave the decision to react in the hands of the Emperor’s Hammer Command Staff. We have made our decision.

Why has this happened?

We've separated mostly because Astatine has demonstrated his inability to lead this organization effectively. He intimidates, harasses, threatens, and otherwise torments members to achieve his ends, and to add insult to injury, Ronin allows him to do it.

So what do we do now?

Hopefully, you’ll continue just as you always have. You’ll continue to hang out in #DB, talk to your Phyle buddies, and tip the occasional brew in you Clan’s favorite bar. We hope that everyone stays in the Brotherhood, and that is a sincere wish. We think that this is an excellent organization, with lots of potential to have a good time. This separation is to the advantage of everyone involved. Astatine may continue to tyrannize the EH, Ronin can ignore it, and the Brotherhood can have fun, free of their influence.

And what if Astatine expels us?

Not gonna happen. From the first day the various members began organizing this separation, steps were taken to ensure the integrity of the records system. The Database, Domain Name, Website, and the IRC Channels are under the complete control of trustworthy individuals. Astatine and Ronin cannot alter the Brotherhood records in any way. The most that can happen, is that you may be expelled from the Fleet, for remaining in the Brotherhood.

And if they expel you from the EH, for choosing to remain in the Brotherhood, then that just makes our point quite obvious, doesn’t it?


Grand Master Firefox

Grand Master Jac Cotelin

Grand Master Justinian Khyron

Grand Master Chi-Long

Dark Adept Corran Force

Krath Pontifex Trevarus Caerick

*** As you can see, the DB is no longer a Sub-Group of the Emperor's Hammer. What does this mean for anyone in the EH as well as the DB? We don't know. But trust me, you will know as soon as I do.

If you hvae ANY questions about this, email myself or KAP Telona. The rest of the news is to follow. Thank you for your time..



Headmaster Report #04

Headmaster Report #04

1) KE Kaiann is my new Praetor. I've asked him to compile statistics as the first assigned task. However, I guess he's on a short LOA.

2) There seems to be an influx of Phase 1 and 2 submissions. This is something Kaiann will be continually researching to see if anything is changing or where change needs to occur in the case of a lack of submissions.

3) There was a rather recent revision to the G:LS (Leadership Studies) course. I need to review this sometime when it's not 3 AM as has frequently been the case lately.

4) I now have about twice as much feedback as I did last week. Some presentation has been rather abstract and quite different from what some people think. Nonetheless, it provides some very valuable insight. It is no suprise, however, that most of the feedback has contained many of the same points - some of the same points I would have brought up not 5 weeks ago.

The Envoys

The envoy system, in connection with the ever continuing goal to master the Apprentice Studies system, has been resurrected and its operations have been in discussion for the past 2-3 days. It has mainly centered around a major change away from the current way of welcoming Apprentices to the Dark Brotherhood. From past experience, I am absolutely certain that the final system that is being honed in with do the following VERY summarized things:

 a) New members assigned to envoys from 7 clans.  

 b) Envoys contact these APPs and get them to join as full members, outside of Phase 1 and 2 of the Shadow Academy.  

 c) Much fewer "dead weight" APPs.  

 d) Each clan gets more recruits because of their envoys.   

This is an EXTREMELY terse version of what has been flying back and forth in e-mail chains for a few days now. There are MANY MANY more specifics behind this. A few main body DC people, order leaders, and various SA staff are still discussing the exact parts of it. When a formalized proposal is made, it will be sent to the clan summits for review. We'll try to think of everything so you don't have to and the final process can go rather smoothly without disastrous dissent or something.

Krath High Priest Report

An hour late. So sue me. :P

1) Phase 2 of the Krath Section has been graded as of last week. I haven't seen any results posted but I'm sure they will be up shortly.

2) Expect some input on your Clan's performance in the GJW. Take it with a grain of salt, anything suggested is for the benefit of your Clan in general. Try not to take offense to it.

3) Look for Krath Monthly Topics and other comps t make their appearances within the next week or so. Don't get lazy, more work's a comin'.

Deputy Grand Master Report

Welcome to the Deputy Grand Master's first weekly report. What the hell? They put this guy in charge?1) Grand Master on Leave: Yes Firefox is on leave because of tragic circumstances. I really don't want him to come back to an inbox littered with asinine requests that can easily be handled by myself or other Dark Council members. With that being said please flood my inbox with asinine requests.2) DGM Matters: I've finally begun to settle into the position of DGM, several competitions were approved this week and I hope they will all go well for their respective participants. I've begun to review some of the projects of my Praetor and I should have my input on those next week, this deals with Clan Specific improvements and such. 3) DGM Office: I'll still be using Mairins office, no I have not updated any of the information, that is secondary at the moment. I will be looking for a new graphical format. I like the whole scantily clad woman motif but I think something a little more masculine, and possible green or red. If any members wish to make possible concept for this send it to me and the SCL.4) NEW SHW: Yes my magistrate was chosen as the new Sith High Warrior. DA Reinthaler is actually a former Herald of the Dark Brotherhood so I would like to welcome him back to the DC. Reinthaler was in my opinion that best Infiltrator Wing Commander I ever served under, I know he will do the position great justice.5) Clan overseeing: As SHW I saw some areas that needed improvement in the Houses of the Sith, just because I'm not Sith High Warrior does not mean I will still be making recommendations for changes concerning these matters. 6) Dark Hall: One project I will be putting to the Grand Master is a revitalization of the Dark Hall. The Dark Hall formerly was an area of the Brotherhood dedicated to the lore and mysticism of the Club. I think this lore and mysticism helped do bind the Brotherhood together and generate a more favorable atmosphere. I think such activity is needed within this organization at this time.7) Avenger Campaign: One project the Grand Master and I will be somewhat tight lipped about is the Avenger Campaign, Firefox's initial ideals with this are very interesting and I think this will be a very interesting and in depth competition. This will take a lot of planning, I want this Campaign to be completely mapped out for all contingencies before it is set in motion, so please be patient. 8) Melee Nights: I know the Sith and Obelisk have been planning on unifying melee nights, I wish for this go forward as soon as possible and with two new faces in the positions of SHW and OHC I have no doubt that it will happen along with a lot of other fine projects.9) GJW Awards: All awards for the Sith Phase I and Phase II have been recommended by myself, I need the KHP and OHC to send me award recs to me and the CHAN so we can we settle all the GJW Events in short order.10) Darth Umbra: Well hey I'm Deputy Grand Master and the DSC says I can have a Darth Name so well there it is. Thats all for right now


Nothing really has changed since the last time I gave you news from the EH News Page.. heh :P

There have been some rocky stuff happening around the House/Clan this week. If you have any questions, about ANYTHING, ask me asap.

Take care people! Remember the House Comp that KAP Telona put out! ;)

KAP Anubis


Gladius of Tarentum

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