Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Spiffy graphic, yes, I know...

  1. I would very much like to thank Grand Master FireFox, Adept Hades, and all those who congratulated me for my elevation to Sith High Warrior. Hades always threatened that if I wasn't good I'd have to be SHW... and well, I was bad. Meow.

  2. The <font color="#FFFFFF">Sith Multiplayer League</font> will be launched on Saturday April 19th at 2pm EST and will run for two weeks! Many Cluster of Fires and Crescents to be had. This 1st season is the trial run for things to come. During the off seasons a Racing League and Bracketed Invitationals (for advanced and beginners) will be held. All information can be found at the MP League Database.

  3. The Squadron League got somewhat put on the backburner due to the GJW, however I fully intend to get the League running in parallel with the MP League. This should not be too difficult since it has already been proven for two previous seasons. More details to come.

  4. For now I plan on using Hades' SHW page until I have a load of free time to dedicate to making a new one. I practically made his anyways :P

  5. New ideas have already come in for a dynamic battle plot for the next GJW. This would means Sith Houses would be able to chose from a variety of options on how they wish to fight the battle. This, of course, does mean there will be much story planning involved to develop a working mission thread since it would require a truckload of missions to be made to cover those choices.

<font face="VERDANA" color="#3C52AD" size="2">** _Dark Side Adept Von Reinthaler
_**</font><font face="VERDANA" size="2"> Brotherhood of Dark Jedi - Sith High Warrior

Tau Squadron Flight Leader - Grand Master's Escort</font>

Pyr: You are on the way to destruction
Rein: What you say !!
Pyr: You have no chance to survive make your time
Pyr: HA HA HA HA ....
Rein: Take off every 'zig'
Rein: You know what you doing
Rein: Move 'zig'
Rein: For great justice

All your Verdana are belong to us! w00t!

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