Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report


Since I'm leaving for home soon, I suppose I'll bang one of these "reports" out right now. :P

First, a big congratulations to the new SHW and OHC. Well, Sharry Baby isn't really new, but he still gets a congrats. And as for Predator... well, I'm sure he'll do great things with the Sith order, so long as he can keep his damn mind off of fish. :P

Anyway, not much is going on with the Chancellor's office. Award suggestions are still coming in, and I plan to give about another week for people to send those in before I do one of those cool little poll things to allow the members to vote on the new names for the awards. Ahh, democracy in action. Remember, send all ideas for renaming the CoL and MoT to [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Awards are being approved and such, and once again, I would like to say that everyone is doing a hell of a job with these reccs. I've had to deny very few awards so far, and that makes my job alot easier. Keep up the good work, guys, and maybe I won't turn into a Medal Nazi. :P

So, that's about it. In closing, stay warm, stay healthy and for God's sake, the words "Rectum? Damned near killed him!" should never be placed within a recc. :P


Archpriest Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Brotherhood

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