Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

SHW Report #1

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters in darkness!

As a lot of you will have guessed I have been appointed as the new Sith High Warrior (thanks FF!), what does this mean?

Well it means a few things, my prime aim is and always will be to make sure the membership have fun, this has been my focus as a house and clan leader and that will stay.

My second main aim is communication, at the same time as this report being sent out, I am contacting the house leaders and once things have settled down a little I will be contacting the battle team commanders and I hope to get around to contacting each of you personally, ok time for a real dumb statement as I know it is going to come back to bite me, when you see me on IRC talk to me, if you have a great idea for a competition or some new thing for the Sith order or the DB in general that you want to run past me then talk to me, if your cat has just got sick tell me that as well (although in that case please leave out the details as I may be eating) It’s always good to talk and if this means I have to have 60 private message chats going on so be it.

In terms of what is going to be happening with the Sith Order, their has been some great work done by Hades and Rein in bringing the sith order up to date and I will be using and building on that so you can expect to see more multiplayer competitions with the focus being on helping you to play and making it enjoyable for you to do so.

In terms of single player combat, we do have a call on the Dark Brotherhood battles which were created mostly by are members and we will be using them, there is also some things in the pipeline which will be designed to help us get more missions, if you do have any skills in mission design, plot design and are willing to help mail me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] as you can see from Camile’s post we will hopefully soon have a medal for this very soon and I love awarding medals.

Since I do love to give out medals so much here’s an easy chance to get one!

follow the link to the see what Pred was like in the early years…

Forgive the terrible HTML, anyone who would be willing to do a template for the competition let me know

As I stated earlier I will be contacting your house leaders personally to make sure that they know what they are doing, that the have a good plan for the house and that they have things ready for you all to do.

The DC is also coming up with some fun things for you all to do, things may be disrupted for a while but I give you all my personal promise that we are going to have fun!

As always if you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments or death threats please direct them to me (apart from the death threats which will may be sent to my fish)

SBL Predator (Sith)/SHW/Dark Council (SC)/DC-KC/(BNP)/Cr-2A/(LSS)/CoLx2 {SA: S:ISET}

I don't know what the intentions are of the new Dark Brotherhood, but I hope that it is made more "friendly" for the little man. I've been in the DB for a few months, completed the training, did a few IWATS, but never received any communications about joining a house/clan. I sent emails and posted messages that went unanswered. I didn't join just for another ID line but for more flying. Of course I know that I am limited because I mostly fly the Tie Fighter platform but the DB seems pointless to me if the only purpose is an ID line. I thought this was for flying and not playing politics online.

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FL/LCM Kahooli/Alpha 2-1/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
NOV Kahooli (Sith)/Rogue

{SA: G:P1-G:P2}

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