Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

*Rollmaster Report 25th April 2003*


  • New DB layout, actually back to the old one :P

  • New DGM Jac!

  • New Emissary Drako!

  • M:KHP applications are open!

  • MAA Corran Force promoted!

  • New names for some medals!

House News:

  • New members!

  • AED Comp!

  • "Doubtful times" Comp over!

Arrivals and Depatures:

  • JH Gryphon_Garou to Rogue

  • DJK Ghost to Rogue

  • KAP Enahropes Teriad Entar from Rogue!

  • NOV Knight from Rogue!

Rank Increase:

  • NOV Dar en Kendrath to ACO!

Medal Cabinet:

  • DA Arania Lawakiro awarded Grand Cross of the Dark Side for Dark Adept Arania Lawakiro has not only provided a perfect participation record in the Great Jedi war with submissions of continuously excellent quality but also been the one person within Clan Satal Keto who motivated all members again and again to do their very best in terms of both quality and quantity of work. She has tirelessly, several times a day, updated a Clan-wide activity list that was a valuable tool to Clan and House summits in evaluating their units' and members performances during the event and for handing out the appropriate awards after that. This outstanding work far beyond the call of duty for a Tetrarch deserves an award higher than a Steel Cross, so I am referring this to the Clan Summit for appropriate action in the form of a Grand Cross of the Dark Side.

Crescent with Amethyst Star for 1st place - Competition "Doubtful times".

  • KE Kaiann awarded Grand Cross of the Dark Side for Service to the Brotherhood and Shadow Academy -- Kaiann has with great energy and competence taken large strides in the Shadow Academy. He has done excellent work in assisting me with content, analysis, and soon the implementation of "Project: Dark Fury - Subsection: Assignment Protocol" He has provided vital weekly statistics on certain courses and their divisions as requested (Menial Task #1). He and I have teamed up on grading Phase One as soon as it reaches either of our inboxes. Additionally, Kaiann has somehow succeeded in becoming a true assistant if not a double in the administrative and leadership qualities of the Headmaster. It is a rare accomplishment which requires immense patience, initiative, and a willingness to contribute to the goals of a Brotherhood. Kaiann will, beyond a doubt, continue to play a vital role in the Shadow Academy for months to come. Congratulations, Epis Kaiann. – Sith Warlord Pyralis.

  • ACO Dar en Kendrath awarded Crescent with Sapphire Star for 2nd place - Competition "Doubtful times".

  • PRT Xehr awarded Crescent with Emerald Star for 3rd place (joint) - Competition "Doubtful times".

  • KP Dalthid awarded Crescent with Emerald Star for 3rd place (joint) - Competition "Doubtful times".

The ChalkBoard:

  • KP Dalthid passed Sith Tactics with a score of 82.

What a busy week! Huge medals and heaps of other medals and two new members! The DB went through a busy week too! promotions in the DC, movement of layouts and other stuff. So crazy i even put my report in a few hours late :P

End Of Report

KP Selket KuroHyo Entar (Krath)/RM-TET/Aleema of Satal Keto

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