Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Last report as QUA of House Archanis.

Greetings brothers, as I've announced yesterday I have to step down as feom my position due my duties in RL. Actually the score is Rexal- University 0-2 and I want score some goals.

I can't follow the House as QUA cause I'll be an inactive one you need someone better than me during this time. It's my intention to follow everything as a scrub pilot and give you an hand with less responsibilities.

Thanks to everybody: Pred, Pell, John, Coranel, Dei, Drak, Roasty etc. Many of you are in EH now but I don't care: friendship and fun are more important.


Vervain Markenin won the motto competition and gets a Crescent with Emerald.

Dei steps due military duties in RL.

Coranel seps due school duties in RL and goes to Rogue.

It's time to a revolution in House Archanis and I hope this will attract "young blood".

SW Crix Madine come back to his old House and DB, welcome back.

That's all my friend. I hope to enjoy again a command position in the future.

SW Rexal Qel

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