Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

The competition is on, details can be found in the QUA report. Here's the info about the custom mission storylines:

We're about to leave EH territory, but the EH is pursuing and sets up a trap near a meeting point for all CSK Houses in a small system. The EH has at least one ISD present and an Interdictor. The rest is up to you, make it believable :o)

We've just escaped from EH territory. Unfortunately, we have to pass an area with pirates, and they attack. Their fighters are Z-95 (or X-wings). The attack happens in open space. They do outnumber is 2:1.

We've arrived in our new system (whichever it will be that we pick) but the local people don't want us at first, so we need to subjugate them. They have mainly middle sized ships of any type (defense platforms are allowed). Our forces are about equal.

Note - you can both do a mission or write up what should happen in detail in any or all of those missions. Be inventive. And no Santa Clauses or Easter Bunnies! :o)

Something else - Galthain looks for a RM. Main job is keeping the Squad and probably House website up to date and update the mailing lists. The website is simple HTML. Mail Cray and Verr about it today!

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