Consul Report


Consul Report

So why CSK Report and not PCON Report?

Easy explained as you might know Drako has been appointed to be the new EMS, we say grats .. but this means till a new CON is chosen I'm in full control of every thing in this clan .. MUHAHAHAHAHA ..coughcough .. yes where was I?

First grats to every one who got appointed to the DC since my last report. We are sure you will do a great job, cause if you don't the rules being developed for the DB will get you out of your positions before you can : "not now talk to me later!" :P

On that let me inform you a bit as there are not many public news on such items..

Currently in the works are as I said new rules, they are basic and simple nothing too complex and would allow keeping a relaxed yet none abusive atmosphere around.

The Chamber of Justice (CoJ), a system in the works that would be virtually immune to corruption and would actually hand punishment in relation to the crime .

Powers of the Dark Jedi (force powers, usage..etc) is being updated atm to encompass more general powers depending on rank as well as clan specific power.

New Robes for the Brotherhood are being created as we speak, with the full description standing it is in the works being turned into cool graphic images.

There was a post on the news page a couple of Days ago asking for people to help creating and updating a SW: Galaxies and a Jedi Academy sites for the you might know any one who lands on these sites in his search for info about the games is a potential new recruit. so if you feel you can help one way or the other don't hesitate to contact SHW SBL Predator .

The three envoys for the Clan have been chosen, they will be our people in the SA working with new members of the DB helping them complete their training and maybe as a reward these people would come and join our clan.

many congratulations go out to:

KCE and companion for the obelisk: OBM William Waffennass (Obelisk)/TRP/Kirleta of Satal Keto

CCE for the Sith: DJK Vessicant (Sith)/FL/Galthain of Satal Keto

CCE for the Krath: KP Selket KuroHyo Entar (Krath)/RM-TET/Aleema of Satal Keto

The following is more of a notice to the house summits.. but every one of you as a member who has a good idea can actually suggest it to his house summit.. I'm talking about Kaiann's independence games .

Till May 4 you can submit events to be played by all members of the DB. I'll start to work on something as soon as I finish this.

So as said be you a summit or a member but some thought I an event to present your house to the whole DB.

The split has left its scars all over the place especially in the membership count! But we actually belong to the luckier clans who did hold together and remained strong in numbers. That shouldn't be a cause to much joy though. every single member is an important member. Our goal should be now to bring people into this place. Every one of you go out and find new members for the DB and the clan. with the starting work on the SWG player association besides our Orders we are a place that can offer something to every SW interested person around! Your efforts will be noted!

There are multiple competitions running in the houses, so guys keep up the activity and have a good time.

Gord of CSK

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