Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report


So, here I am still Chancellor. Um, yeah. Go me? :P

I'm going to run down the events in the Chancellor's office this week. Despite the fact that it's just business as usual for me, it might be interesting to the rest of you. :P

First, there will be a commemorative medallion issued to the individuals who stayed with the real Dark Brotherhood after the split. Our very own Herald is creating this medallion's image, along with the new images for the SoL and the CoS. A big thanks goes to Kaine for helping me out in my time of need. Kaine, you're my hero. :P

Secondly, I'm still looking over the DSC for ways to improve the Awards section of the manuscript. It's an on-going project, so stay tuned to this Chancellor channel for more information. :P

Lastly, I will be opening up applications for Praetor to the Chancellor in the coming days. I have some military training to go on during the summer with limited Internet access, so I'll need someone to help me with the office while I'm out learning how to be an Intel analyst in the Air Force. By the way, I don't care how easy it is to train in my branch, so stop informing me. :P

Alright, that's about it. Seeing as how my weekend has started kind of early (before my report, no less, so go easy with critisisms regarding my grammar :P), I'll end this inane drivel. Till next time, stay warm, stay healthy, and remember, vodka and bad recommendations with always end with all of your awards being deleted. :P


Archpriest Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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