Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

1.As you may have guessed I am back (Pred waits for the cheers),(still waiting)

Damm oh well BT fixed the problem anyway.

I will be mailing all the House summits with plans for the Sith order and to make sure they have plans for all of you today, the rest of you will be getting a mail from me personally to see how things are going, it¡¦s going to take ages for me to mail you so please find the time to reply: P

2.The roster is just about sorted now with most of the gaps that need filling being filled.

3.Competition turn out ¡V Ok ditto to what Sharad said, we are putting these things on for you and we will be putting more things on for you but we cannot force you to play.

4.MP League ¡V Ok me and my Praetor have discussed this and we are going to have a simple version of this going soon, which will function as 24 comp run through battlestats, the people who place in the end will be rewarded as will great activity.

5.SSL ¡V This is on hold for a little while longer but I will have more news next week.

6.Mission design, if you are not already aware we need mission designers and a lot of things will be happening in relation to this VERY soon but if you have any skills at all please let me know.

7.Competition Help Centre ¡V I am setting this up so that there are no excuses for not running competitions, the centre will have all you need to run a successful competition.

8.Lots of good idea are flowing into the Sith office this week and you will all see them soon ļ

9.Final answer¡K? (Who Want's to be a dark Millionaire? Coming soon!) <

see the pred!

His Fishness

SBL Predator

Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood

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