Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

It's late, I'm drunk and I'm doing a report. Let's get this over with. :P

Yes, I will be stepping down as Chancellor in the coming days. I have an obligation to fufil with the Air Force, and it's going to take more time than I thought it was. During that time, I'll have little or no connection to the internet, so I'll do the sensible thing and not fill space as Chancellor without actually doing anything.

What can I say about my term as CHAN? It was short. Yeah, that's about it. :P

Anyway, I'll hang around until a successor is appointed, I suppose. I don't know. Whatever. Oddly enough, this call to training coincides nicely with a heap of real life that's been dealt to me recently. As it stands, I just don't have the time, nor the drive, to accomplish all the things I might have wanted to do.

And so, I'll go gentle into the good night. To all the people who I like, you guys are the greatest. To all the people who suck, go to Hell. I despise your very existance. :P

Also, my hat must go off to the former Chancellor, Shadonyx. Without him, I never would have gotten to this position, even though he did taint my career with his psychotic legacy. He claims that I used him to get here, and I suppose I did. Politics and all. Never let it be said that I am not a political person. I helped him as his Praetor, and his antics helped me ascend to Chancellor. So, maybe his hatred of me is justified.

I guess I'll just continue down the list of people I have things to say to...

Sith Bloodfyre, you were my first QUA as Knight Camile, and you've been as good a friend as I could have in the Dark Brotherhood. I hope we continue to be friends through this time just as we have through my other tough times.

Firefox, what can I say? I know you still consider me Belzy's lap-dog, but I don't really mind. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. The point is, you've made yourself to be one of the great leaders in the Brotherhood's illustrious history, and no one can take that away from you.

Trev, you're a bastard. Don't ever change, cause then I wouldn't enjoy talking about wine and women with you any more. :P

Yacko, you too are a bastard, but you're the only person who I let call me "Knight" with any frequency. I hope that means something to you, cause I can't think of anything else to say. Let's just leave it with this: I hope this doesn't ruin my chances with the family. :P

Anyway, I'm sure there are more people that I would like to embarrass on my cliched resignation letter, but I can't think of them now. Too much alcohol in too short of a time frame. Regardless, I'm done.

In closing, stay warm, stay healthy, and may Camile be your guide through eternity. :P

Fondest regards,

Archpriest Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

You have to wonder if we're going to stay friends? Us being friends lasted through one crisis point. This is just a point of duty and honor. And you should know what I'd say about duty and honor. ;) Take care Camile. Just make sure you remember. You came back once before. I'll see what I can do to make sure you come back again. :)


See? This is why you should write reports when drunk. Hell, you should always be drunk. To say that you are sober, is to say that you are not drunk, and that, brothers and sisters, is blasphemy.

Now, this is quite sudden Cammie, but I guess you gotta do yer duty. Have fun in the Air-Force.

Now, when you get back, I fully expect you to continue humoring an old man. Particularly in this organization. I remember you in HLK, so many years ago, but I only knew Knight Camile as Belzo's bitch. I'm glad that he was wrong about you.

Our gain.

Again, have fun, I'm sure I'll see ya before ya go.


It was good to see you back... Nashaa. :P

We didn't talk much after you came back, which is probably more my fault than anyone's, but it was good to see you around again.

Don't be an excessively bizarre stranger... just excessively bizarre. :P

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